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Did you check out the premiere of “Bully Beatdown“? What did you think?

I think it’s all backwards. But first, here’s how the show works. Someone who is getting bullied goes to Mayhem Miller and pleads his case to get someone beat down. Mayhem then goes to the bully and offers him the chance to win money and get in the ring with an MMA fighter.. Then they actually give some training — to the bully.

What?!?! I think the show would be infinitely more interesting if they took the “victim” (as they are called) and hooked them up with some MMA training. Then THAT PERSON gets to step into the cage and take on the bully.

I don’t care much if a bully gets plastered by some MMA fighter. That’s expected and it will get old in short fashion. What would be exciting though is to see the victims get some training and get their true vengence, along with winning some money.

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