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Don Abato has some suggestions to honor Mask, and he grabs his cowboy boots for some work in the kitchen. You’ll understand once Don mixes it all together in a large 64 ounce bowl for this edition of the MMA Ten.

10. Mask Memorial– DREAM staged a nice ceremony for the legendary Helio Gracie during the featherweight tournament. I really think it would be nice if Zuffa gave some sort of tribute to Charles Lewis Jr. at the next UFC. It’s the least the world’s biggest MMA event could do for a man who did so much to promote the sport and help the fighters.

9. Tournament Time– While everyone is busy filling out their brackets for March Madness, we have some bracketology going on in fighting as well. DREAM tournament is underway and Sengoku’s Featherweight Grand Prix “tips off” this Friday. I realize “tip off” is a hoops term, so maybe I should say “tap off,” but it doesn’t sound right. Wow if anything MMA needs more cliches and catch phrases.

8. Shamrock Shuffled– Ken Shamrock gets busted for steroids.  Raise your hand if you’re filing this in the “It’s obvious he’s been doing this since the nineties but just never got caught” category. (Raises Hand)

7. Rampage Hand– Speaking of hands, Rampage busted his which cancels a Rampage/Rashad title match. One part of his body I’m sure will never break is Quentin’s mouth. Homeboy can talk hype/trash with the best of ’em. What an enjoyable little verbal exhange he had with Sugar, right?

6. Go-yoto Machida– Instead Lyoto Machida and Rashad Evans is a go. To tell you the truth, Machida should’ve been fighting for the belt anyway. However it’s obvious Zuffa would rather other fighters possess or contend for the belt than Machida. Although he’s had some impressive finishes against Thiago Silva and Sokoudjou, his evasive approach doesn’t set casual fans on fire. Style counts too if you’re going to get a shot at the title in the Octagon.

5. Another Thing About Mask– While he never fought, based on his contributions to the sport he deserves to be in the hall of fame. I don’t think there is an argument against this?

4. “Cry” Baby J– Jay Dee Penn submitted a 20-page complaint the NSAC about the whole “greasegate” affair with Georges St. Pierre. Penn just can’t let go can he? His grip on the past would slip away but GSP’s crew didn’t have as much success lubing it.

3. Counter Fighting– Dana White has previously professed his respect for San Jose based Strikeforce and said he actually likes the promotion. But now that Scott Coker has a deal with Showtime the UFC is resuming its counter programming tactics. How long till Dana pulls a 180 on his feelings towads Scott Coker and company.

2. Not In America, Not Anywhere– Don King promoting mixed martial arts? Nooooooooooooooo!

1. I Wanna Cook In Boots Too: You’ll understand after watching this video.

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