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A big weekend of MMA has Don Abato thinking about metal, 90’s hip hop & teen pop music.  You’ll understand once you read the latest MMA Ten.

10. Get On Your High Thunderhorse: Tamden McCrory called Dana out for picking his entrance music. McCrory wanted to walk out to “Thunderhorse” by Deathklok. Hey Dana, after that nice display against Ryan Madigan the kid’s earned the right to walk out to whatever he wants. After hearing the song it’s not like you have a complaint about the lyrics or anything.

9. It’s Not “Because Of A Tumor”: Governor Arnold makes a huge snafu at his ahtletic expo. During a photo op with Randy Couture and interim Heavyweight Champ Brock Lesnar “Ahnold” gave the WEC strap to Randy.  Woops and woops.  That was not a display of Total Recall.

8. Gripe 1: Comcast Cable is absolutely horrible. Due to some sort of problem many customers in the Chicago market as well as many other areas could not get the fight till the closing moments of the first fight.  All the phone lines at customer service were busy during this travesty.  Shouldn’t be a surprise considering Comcast is annually earns horrible customer ratings. AT&T we’re waiting for you, hurry up.

7. It’s Not “A Done Deal”: So after they announce Sugar and Rampage will face off as the main event at UFC 98 in May, Dana says at the post-fight presser this isn’t really official. Jackson isn’t in a rush to commit what he claims will be “black on black crime” because he may not have enough time to train properly for Rashaad. If the fight gets pushed back we win because it means more time for Jackson and Evans to talk sh!t, which should make for lots of great quotes.

6. A Mir Mortal: It turning out to be another one of those we-said-they-said deals. Frank Mir’s camp claims they told UFC not to announce the fight with Lesnar because Frank had knee surgery. The day before the fight Dana claimed he knew nothing about Mir’s problems. Who do you believe, who dont’ you? Also makes you wonder about Mir’s creaky knees…

5. Gripe 2: There is little to say about Yves Lavigne’s performance in the Matt Brown/Pete Sell fight. I really don’t want to waste brain waves trying to come up with another way to say “it sucked” so I’ll move to the next item.

4. Gripe 3: I gotta wait till next weekend so I can watch DREAM 7 on HDNet?

3. Dana Loves House of Pain: For St. Patrick’s day your favorite MMA president from Boston(how many of those are out there) will have the rap group reunite to perform at his party. He’s holding a video contest for the members of the Underground Forum to get to party with him, Everlast, Danny Boy and DJ Lethal. Dana White gets “All My Love.” If you own “Fine Malt Lyrics” you’ll get the reference.

2. Avril- OK, Yves- Not OK: Dana had a lot to say about the reffing at UFC 96, claiming there are only three men who don the black worthy of mentioning, and Yves Lavigne wasn’t one of them.

1. Obvious Solution: Bring back Big John McCarthy to run things inside the Octagon during the fights. Unfortunately the most obvious choice is also the most unlikely one.

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