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Results and quick recaps from Disorderly Conduct II at the DuPage Expo Center in St. Charles, IL, March 28th, 2009.

  • Justin Halloran (Team Colon) def. Doug Fick (Team Gladiator) TKO- Strikes, 2:45, Rd. 2 (145 lb)

Halloran had a take down just after the opening bell and had Fick up against the cage. Halloran had him there most of the round, but Fick survived. Round 2 was almost a repeat of Round 1 — Halloran had another quick take down and this time was able to ground and pound Fick, with the Ref stepping in to call it at 2:45 from strikes.

  • Corey Hogan (Top Notch) def. Jefferson Davis (Team F.I.T.) TKO- Strikes, 2:36, Rd. 1 (155 lb)

Hogan scored an early take down which he converted into mount. He worked back and forth from mount to side mount, and eventually pounded out Davis. Hogan was in command for the entire fight.

  • Ronnie Chapman (Team F.I.T.) def. John Diekmann (Team Gladiator) Submission- RNC, 1:26, Rd. 2 (125 lb)

Chapman had several take downs in round 1 but Diekmann used his guard to defend well. Chapman won the round. In round 2, Chapman took Diekmann down again, and this time scrambled to get his back. He sunk in the RNC and Diekmann was forced to tap.

  • Ryan Story (Team Colon) def. Edgar Torres (Hackney’s Combat) Unanimous Decision (170 lb)

Story came out and dominated round 1 by overpowering Torres. In round 2, Story had a quick take down of Torres that he turned into a RNC, but Torres was able to escape. Torres then had Story against the cage, but Story worked another take down and had Torres on his back for most of the round. In round 3 Story smothered Torres and battered him with hammer fists. All 3 judges scored it 30-27 for Story.

  • Greg Reddington (MBD Martial Arts) def. Dave Cawall (HCX International) Unanimous Decision (135 lb)

Round 1 featured a massive slam by Reddington which he worked into a mount. He had a few huge strikes and won the round with effective G & P. Round 2 was much of the same — Reddington had some strikes and a takedown that he worked into full mount, but Cawall was able to survive the round. In round 3 Reddington had another power slam and was on top position for the entire round. All 3 judges scored it 30-27 for Reddington.

  • Clark Adams (House of Pain) def. Ben Koff (Team Gladiator) TKO- Strikes, 1:42, Rd. 1 (185 lb)

Adams had a huge slam early that might have ended the fight, but on the way down Koff grabbed on to the top of the cage. But Adams continued to work from the ground and pounded out Koff.

  • Keith Colon (Hackney’s Combat) def. Matt Swanson (451 MMA) KO- Strikes, :34, Rd. 1 (155 lb)

The feeling out process didn’t last long before Colon delivered a straight right that felled Swanson. The ref immediately stepped in to call it off with Swanson laid out near his corner of the cage.

  • Jimmy Fritz (HCX International) def. Pat Consago (EIU Wrestling Room) Submission- RNC, :31, Rd. 1

The fight began with “The Freak” Fritz rushing toward Consago. Consago turned his back and threw an elbow that connected on the side of Fritz’ right eye. It left a sizable welt, but didn’t deter Fritz from his takedown. He quickly moved into position for a RNC, and Consago had no choice but to tap.

–Main Event for the Mayhem Bantamweight Championship–

  • Chris Lane (Xayasouk Muay Thai) def. Mike Welch (Team Colon) Submission- D’Arce choke, 1:40, Round 2

Welch looked impressive early with 2 takedowns in the first :30 of round 1. Lane spent the majority of round 1 on his back working subs, but along the way he was eating shots from Welch. At one point Welch was pounding on Lane and the ref called time to issue a warning to Welch about strikes to the back of the head. Welch won the first round.

Welch started round 2 with another takedown of Lane and seemed to be controlling him on the ground when Lane quickly put Welch into a D’Arce choke. Welch had to tap. Lane retains his Mayhem Bantamweight championship and moves to 10-1. Welch falls to 9-2, but he was impressive in the fight.

All in all this was a fantastic event. Everything was run smoothly and professionally. We were told that DC III is likely to be in July and we are definitely looking forward to it.

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