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This week Don Abato muses over some stupid ideas, an unbelievable excuse and brilliance of crossing MMA with robotic engineering.  Enter for your MMA Ten.
10. Who Nose?:  After losing to Paul Buentello at Affliction: Day of Reckoning, Baby Fedor tests positive for steroids.   His handlers say it accidentally got into his system from dropping an Advil or snorting some nasal spray.  The answer is so preposterous it just may be true.  But after further deliberation I say niet.

9. Kimbone: So it turns out Kimbo made an appearance in a porn called “Farold & Fumar Escape To The Bottomless Party.” It’s just a cameo though, lasting just a moment and he didn’t get to nail anyone.  You want me to say this was just like his last fight against Seth Petruzelli but I aint doin’ it.
8. Fakebook:  The Dean of Mean is M-A-D because someone is impersonating him on FB.  He says he only has a Myspace account.  Lord help the poor soul if Keith Jardine catches him, because I have a feeling getting “poked” by Jardine will have a whole different and painful meaning from the Facebook poke.

7. Stupid Item:   UK slugger Dan Hardy can smile a little after knocking out Rory Markham at UFC 95.  But c’mon bloke, it doesn’t give you license to speak stupidly.  Hardy says GSP’s weakness was exposed after his mauling of Jon Fitch.  The Englishman also called out the “Irish Handgrenade” Marcus Davis.    Marcus simply responded by saying he thinks Hardy is “smoking crack.”  I dunno about that, but I do think Hardy’s brain is a little clouded.

6. Freddie Is Fingered:  Japanese vet Caol Uno is the latest MMAer to point a finger at famed boxing trainer Freddie Roach for some help.  Meantime….

5. Teddy Talkative:  Teddy Atlas says MMA isn’t a pimple on the ass of boxing.  I obviously disagree with Teddy about the pimple part, but I have to agree about boxing being an ass.  Corruption and the promoters have made it stinky and sport is sagging and getting uglier as it gets older.

4. Stupid Item 2:  UFC President Dana White suggests WEC would lineup Urijah Faber against Featherweight Champion Mike Brown for the belt this summer, AND it could be a pay-per-view event.  Even if the card featured Miguel Torres(who is the only other fighter in the promotion worthy of being on ppv) as a consumer during this economy I can’t justify spending $40 on a WEC ppv.  This reeks of bad idea.  Dana how about this idea: keep the WEC on Versus and leave the pay-per-views to the UFC.

3. Cut To The Chase:  Former WEC Bantamweight Champion Chase Beebe was supposed to fight at the Ultimate Warrior Challenge in Washington, DC last weekend.  He didn’t show, citing a training injury which prevented him from making weight.  I’m wondering how much this absence has to do with the fact the DREAMS Featherweight Tournnament is approaching and Beebe faces Joe Warren in first round action.

2.  Stupid Item 3:  Tim Sylvia is going to face Ron Mercer in a boxing match.  The where, why and all the other questions we were taught to ask in journalism school don’t apply because the “Who Cares?” factor is 12 on a ten point scale.

1.  Brilliant Item!:  Robo MMA coming to you from some young Japanese geniuses.  The wrestling in this vid is GSP/Randy Couture/Josh Koshcheck level.

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