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The Pit Bull may be going from top dog to stray mutt. 

Oscar De La Hoya’s Golden Boy Promotions has signed Andrei Arlovski to fight in a 6-round boxing match for its June 27 show. The fight is scheduled for the undercard of the event featuring Chris John vs. Rocky Juarez. Here’s the kicker: since it is an undercard fight, it may not even make it on TV.

Arlovski’s trainer Freddie Roach told MMA Fanhouse that the Pit Bull “…likes to box so much more than MMA… He likes the stand-up game. If boxing takes off for him I think he’ll stay, but obviously if he gets a world title fight in MMA he probably would not turn that down.”

I suppose Fedor will do that to a guy. I wonder if Arlovski thinks he has taken MMA as far as he can, or if he thinks boxing is an easier payday. I also wonder how much a fighter gets paid for a six-round match on an undercard. The Pit Bull won his last 5 before Fedor, and 4 of them were KO’s. 

One thing I do know: Andrei Arlovski nor any other MMA fighter can ever make boxing exciting to me again.

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