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Where O’ where have you been Mr. Don Abato?  It seems like you’ve been off the radar longer than Tito Ortiz.  Mr. Abato gives his take on the Dana White/Loretta Hunt tirade.  Know this, some of you won’t agree with Donnie’s thoughts, but as they say sometimes the truth hurts.

10. Instant Stuff: Torres vs. Mizugaki at WEC 40 is an instant classic MMA moment for sure.  Mizugaki expressed his wish for another opportunity to challenge Torres for the 135 belt.  Their exchange at the UIC Pavillion, IMO, was epic enough to grant Mizugaki an instant rematch.  Sorry Brain Bowles, if it were up to me you’d have to wait.
9. Instant Apology:  Boy, Dana White couldn’t get that apology out for GLAAD fast enough, huh?  Funny how he didn’t say “sorry” for verbal venom he spouted at Sherdog.com’s Lorretta Hunt.
8.  Got GSP?:  George St. Pierre did a commercial for Gatorade for the “Gatorade G” campaign.   I wonder why Vasoline isn’t pursuing GSP for an endorsement deal.
7.  Windy City “Wish”:  A lot of premature Curran vs. Torres discussion populated the various message boards in the week leading up WEC 40.  But the Big Frog (ribbit) couldn’t winnit against Joseph Benavides.  But don’t scrap the idea of them facing each other in the cage just yet.  Both fighters didn’t rule out the possibility of still facing off somewhere down the line.  It’s a match Chicagoans have been waiting for a long time.
6.  Not Everyone Is GLAAD About Apology:  Now the Association for Women in Sports Media wants Dana to come correct.  He already said he meant everything said in the tirade.  Dana, if you want to keep your balls, YOU WILL NOT APOLOGIZE FOR SAYING SOMETHING YOU MEANT!  Seriously, a man does not apologize for for being “real” and honest.  If someone’s feelings got hurt, TS!  Dana’s opinions are his opinions, and honey, honesty is a good virtue no matter how much you disagree.
5. It’s a “Stay In” Weekend:   There’s so much MMA to watch on television this weekend.  Friday night on HDNet you can see the tape delay broadcast of DREAM 8, originally taking place in Japan last weekend.  Of course Strikeforce is live on Showtime(featuring Frank Shamrock vs. Nick Diaz) Saturday night with a replay of UFC 94( which featured B.J. Penn against Georges St. Pierre for the welterweight title) on SpikeTV as a counter programming move.
4. Belated Bellator:  If you aren’t bi-lingual you should also check Bellator’s website for the English version of the Bellator Fighting Championships’ first outing.  The promotion enjoyed a successful debut last week on ESPN Deportes, and will show English version on website.  Chicago’s own Jason Chambers(Human Weapon) joins MMA Live anchor John Anik as the commentators.
3.  White Out: In the end don’t expect this whole Dana White/Loretta Hunt episode to have as much of a negative effect as some think it will.  It’s obvious the core group of UFC fans support Dana White.  Also, while some mainstream sports media outlets have been critical of the situation, this hasn’t been a big deal to the major news media.  If NFL commissioner Roger Goodell or NBA head honcho David Stern did something like this you’d see it on the late night local news as well as CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, etc.  But I haven’t seen this story make those type of ripples yet.  Despite AWSM’s response, I don’t think much will be made about it.  If anything, take this as evidence the UFC isn’t close to NFL, MLB, NBA status in the mainstream consciousness yet.
2.  Mask Tributes:  A good move by SpikeTV and Versus to honor Mask during the UFN and WEC broadcasts respectively.  Some members of the Zuffa/WEC staff at the UIC Pavillion shed tears after the tribute video aired.  Understandable considering how well produced and moving the features were.
1.  Beyond A Tribute: There’s a special public memorial for Mask at Crystal Cathedral in Orange County on April 14.  A great idea bring fans together to honor the man who wanted everyone to “Simply Believe.”  I will repeat my feeling that although Charles Lewis Jr. never competed in the Octagon, he deserves to go into the Hall Of Fame for contributions to the sport.

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