Bellator Fighting Championships has certainly produced its share of memorable moments in the debut season.  CEO Bjorn Rebney isn’t dwelling on his promotion’s current success because he’s busy laying out the next moves for season two.

Broadcasting on ESPN2 and featuring heavyweight and light heavyweight tournaments are among the items on Rebney’s to-do list.  He is also open to the idea of cross-promoting with other organizations.

“If we have a champion, and there’s an opportunity to fight a guy at Strikeforce, or the WEC, or another organization from Japan you would take it,” Rebney told Chicago’s MMA.  “If Eddie [Alvarez] came to us three months before the tournament and said ‘I got this incredible opportunity to go out and test myself against [Shinya] Aoki’ and he said ‘I wanna do it.’ I [would say] go do it.”

“My hope would be that we would have the opportunity to do those kind of bouts.  Cross promote with other organizations if the right fight was there.”

Also expect to see a broader range of international talent in Bellator’s second season.  While the first season has focused on the Latino/Hispanic market, Rebney promises to recruit fighters from other corners of the world.  “In the coming season we’ll pull guys out of Japan, we’ll pull guys out of Europe.  We’ll pull a lot of guys out of places that we otherwise might not have pulled from in the first season.”

While the Chicago and Los Angeles based organization has succeeded in signing individuals on the cusp of breaking through as a big name in the sport, the door is also open to signing established stars.  “If there’s a structure to it, and the contracts allow and a Aoki, or a [Joachim] Hanson, or [Norifumi “Kid”] Yamamoto or anybody could come over from Japan, as a, I always look at it first as a fan.  And I say ‘how cool would it be if “Kid” Yamamoto was here?  How cool would it be if these guys were fighting in the United States and I could watch them.'”

Watch the video to hear Bjorn Rebney’s entire statements regarding cross-promotion and courting some of the sport’s biggest names.

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