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Urijah Faber did indeed break his hand against Mike Brown on Sunday night. And he broke it good. Wonder what kind of time frame we can expect on his return. It also seems like these type of things tend to recur after they happen once. Here’s the x-ray from Urijah’s Twitter.

Urijah Faber's X-Ray

I still think Brown would have won the fight even if Urijah had both his hands working. If surgery is involved he could be out quite a while.

The question: Will The California Kid ever get the belt back? Jose Aldo looks like a man possessed. Mike Brown seems to have Faber’s number. The division is as stacked as any in all of MMA. The injury likely will shut him down for a while. The answer:  At this point I’d have to say no.

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  1. anna

    Jun 19, 2009 at 12:14 pm

    will urijah faber ever be able to fight again ?

  2. DJ

    Jun 24, 2009 at 11:51 pm

    Are you kidding?!… Urijah showed he was definitively the better fighter in that fight… Nothing against Brown – he is a world class fighter and deserves the belt.. but in the first fight, Fabor just got caught trying to be cocky with that spinning elbow… In this last fight however, Faber broke his hand and still took Mike the distance, even though he couldn’t really punch… If you watch the fight again, you’ll see that Faber had several chances to win the fight when he got Mike into head locks but just couldn’t close the deal because he couldn’t lock his hands… Urijah basically took Mike Brown the distance with one hand tied behind his back!.. If Brown can hold the belt and Fabor can recover in a short enough time-frame.. I think we will see a very different result in the next fight.

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