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Disorderly Conduct III

Results from Disorderly Conduct III, at the DuPage Expo Center in St. Charles, Illinois on July 18th, 2009.

Justin Halloran (4-0) vs. Cody Thompson (0-0) 145 lb.

Halloran got a takedown and took Thompson’s back. He worked strikes from there and went for an armbar. Thompson swept but could only land one strike before Halloran got his back again. Halloran showed patience as he worked from that position. Eventually he got a choke in deep and Thompson tapped.

Halloran moves to 5-0. Submission via RNC at 2:33 of round 1.

Mike Letteri (0-0) vs. Ryan Robinson (0-0) 140 lb.

Letteri was the busier fighter in round 1 with a flurry of fists and knees. He worked the clinch well and spun away from the cage every time Robinson pressed him up against it. He landed two hard shots that bloodied the face of Robinson.

Round 2 begins with Letteri again getting the most of the exchanges. He added more kicks this round which set up a powerful right hand. Robinson got a takedown, but Letteri quickly swept into a guillotine. Robinson escaped and got on top of Letteri. The crowd roared in approval of the action. Robinson landed a few strikes before the bell sounded.

Round 3 begins with Letteri sinking in another guillotine. Robinson somehow held on and escaped, and then he took down Letteri. Letteri showed a strong guard and eventually the fight got back to the feet. The crowd was deafening from the fast-paced action. Letteri landed a huge uppercut near the end of round 3. Amazing fight and incredible debuts for both fighters.

Letteri wins via unanimous decision.

Grant Cavaliere (0-0) vs. Joey Gonzalez (0-0) 185 lb.

Cavaliere has a huge crowd behind him, shouting and cheering for him. He didn’t disappoint. He landed an quick left and took Gonzalez to the ground. He attacked him with a barrage of strikes, but it included a knee while Gonzalez was down. Referee Rob Hinds stopped the action and deducted a point from Cavaliere. Action resumed and Cavaliere took down Gonzalez again, mounted him and let the strikes fly. Gonzalez was eating most of them and not defending himself, so Hinds stepped in to end it.

Cavaliere wins debut – TKO via strikes at 1:00 of round 1.

Gary McFadden (3-0) vs. Greg Reddington (3-1) 135 lb.

Excellent ground work by both fighters at the beginning of round 1. McFadden got to top position but couldn’t get much done. Reddington secured a mount after a sweep. Reddington landed some solid strikes before action got back to standing. Reddington has a quick shot and gets McFadden to the ground again before the end of the round.

In round 2 Reddington gets another quick takedown and moves McFadden up against the cage. He works for an armbar and gets it. He works it deeper and deeper until McFadden is forced to tap.

Reddington improves to 4-1. Submission – Armbar :49 of round 2.

Ryan Storey (2-1) vs. Jahmale Maxwell (1-0) 170 lb.

Technical first round with a lot of wrestling and solid defense by both fighters, a lot of work up against the cage. Maxwell had the round’s best strike — a big right knee.

Round 2 featured more great wrestling with Maxwell slamming Storey to the canvas. Later in the round Storey returned the favor, then landed a few huge knees from the top.

Round 3 starts with another power slam from Storey, and then he smothered Maxwell. He spends most of the round on top of Maxwell. He tries to work a choke but the round ends.

Storey wins via unanimous decision.

Edgar Torres (1-1) vs. Alex Martinez (0-0) 155 lb.

Action starts quickly with both fighters coming out to bang. Torres got a take down and was trying to work a far-side Kimura.  He got the mount and was landing loud, brutal body shots. Referee Rob Hinds warned Martinez that he was going to stop the bout and Martinez escaped and got up. Torres landed a big right that felled Martinez. There wasn’t a lot of action on the ground so the fighters were stood up. Torres knocked down Martinez one more time before the end of the round.

In round 2 Torres dropped Martinez with a straight right and mounted him. He was again landing vicious body strikes — so vicious that Martinez tapped.

Torres moves to 2-1 in a very impressive performance. Submission – Strikes at :32 of round 2.

Chuck Giles (1-2) vs. Ronnie Chapman (3-1) 125 lb.

Giles got Chapman’s back early in the round, but Chapman was never in any serious danger. Chapman got out and eventually took down Giles and scooted him up against the cage. Suddenly the bout is called as Giles tapped out. Doctor said Giles was experiencing pain in his pectoral muscle.

Chapman wins and moves to 4-1, Submission – Injury at 2:36 of round 1.

Clark Adams (2-1) vs. Josh Blanco (0-0) 185 lb.

As the fighters enter the ring the difference in size is stunning. Blanco weighed in at 170, while Adams weighted in at 185 and was probably bigger than that for the fight. Seemed like old school MMA — Blanco the smaller Carlson Gracie Jiu-Jitsu specialist and Adams, a mountain of a man looking to destroy his opponent.

In round 1 Adams slammed Blanco to the ground. Blanco sunk in a guillotine and Adams slammed him again to try and get out of it. He did and got on top of Blanco. His corner yelled for him to “Post up and pound” and Adams did just that, ending the round with some power strikes.

Early in round 2 Adams took down Blanco and resumed with some fierce ground and pound. Blanco was working subs from the bottom and had an amazing sweep of the bigger Adams. Blanco took Adams’ back and had a choke in place. But Adams slammed him down again. This time the G & P included some devastating head blows. Blanco is a warrior — he somehow survives and almost gets a heel hook in but the round ended.

Round 3 began with another Adams takedown and he got right back to pounding on Blanco. He was landing some huge strikes to the face when referee Rob Hinds moved in to halt the bout.

Adams is now 3-1, TKO – Strikes at 1:33 of round 3.

Javier Vega (7-3) vs. Jordan Hinman (5-2) 155 lb.

This was a battle for the Mayhem Lightweight Title. In round 1 Vega slips and falls after trying to strike. Hinman gets on top and starts throwing bombs. Vega secures guard momentarily, but Hinman is able to posture up and again starts dropping bombs. Referee Rob Hinds has to step in to end it.

Hinman moves to 6-2 and wins the Mayhem Lightweight Title, TKO- Strikes at 1:10 of round 1.

Brandon Delprado (10-1) vs. Ryne Vincent (7-2) 170 lb.

This bout was for the Mayhem Welterweight Title. In round 1 Delprado strikes first but Vincent gets him to the ground and works some big knees from side position. Delprado escapes and action goes back to standing. Delprado lands some right hands. Vincent continues to try and move Delprado up against the cage. But Delprado gets out and lands a few more strikes before the bell.

Delprado comes out swinging in round 2 and then pushes Vincent up against the cage. He sinks in a guillotine and Vincent has to tap.

Delprado moves to 11-1 and wins the Mayhem Welterweight Title, Submission – Guillotine at :34 of round 2.

Mike Welch (11-2) vs. Donald Harper (9-2) 135 lb.

This fight was for the Mayhem Bantamweight Title. Welch gets a takedown early and Harper goes with rubber guard after Welch scoots him up against the cage. Harper looks for a Kimura but isn’t able to get it. Welch moves him back against the cage and flattens out Harper. He’s able to sink in a RNC and Harper taps out. Strong performance by Welch battling the 6’2″ Harper.

Welch goes to 12-2 and wins the Mayhem Bantameight Title, Submission – RNC at 2:26 of round 1.

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  3. Stephanie Stiltner

    Jul 20, 2009 at 5:28 pm

    Go Mike… Great Job…Wish I was there to see you fight…Kepp it up…

  4. john

    Jul 21, 2009 at 10:13 am

    I heard that chuck giles guy was walking around saying how he should’ve won. He was about to be dominated before he tapped out like a little PU**y. Have respect for all fighters chuck, just because you havent one a fight yet, dont get upset. ( you say ur 1-2 but i havent seen that 1 yet.) If you want to become a better fighter, train at a real camp and work out and fight at your weight instead of trying to beat up little guys at 125 you coward.

  5. Matt

    Jul 21, 2009 at 10:47 am

    I don’t think he was saying anything like that, because he was in a lot of pain and I didn’t see him after his fight.

    You wouldn’t just be trying to start something, would you??

  6. john

    Jul 21, 2009 at 10:53 pm

    no not trying to start anything. He was saying how he should have won and that chapman hit like a bitch. Fighters that have losing records have no right to talk shit.

  7. Some Guy

    Jul 21, 2009 at 11:40 pm

    I think in the Blanco fight it was a knee-bar instead of a heel hook. I could be mistaken though

  8. chuck

    Jul 22, 2009 at 1:54 am

    lmao john….first off i never speak that way about any fighters i respect any fighter that i do fight period point blank, and for you to come on here and say that, and not name names of whos said what u saying proves that you and whoever’s saying is lying and p***ys, now unless u know me homie and if u saw the fight u would also see that i had his back for the first 2 min of the fight and when he tried to stand i took it back to the ground i fought his fight, so being a pussy im far from and if u have a problem with me come say it to my face and not on a mma website, do i think i deserve a rematch yes!!! i injured myself b4 the fight and told my team but, but unlike pussys who punk out because of a pulled right pectorial muscle, i didn’t, and tore it completely defending against the mount when he pushed my right arm down to the canvas that was it

    now u can say whatever but the fact of the matter is watch the tape, i fought his fight, i respected him, never disrespected him, and i also dont think he deserves a title shot for his performance cause there was no performance, im speaking as a fan and a fighter,

    im not that disrespectful dude, im greatful he took the time to get in the cage, and one more thing, u wanna disrespect me thats fine, but disrespecting my team and training is crossing the line, so continue to hide behind the computer while i keep training, and maybe someday when u grow up and decide to come from behind your keyboard i will see u

    much love and respect
    chuck giles

  9. chuck

    Jul 22, 2009 at 2:14 am

    and john its won, not “one” a fight

  10. Matt

    Jul 22, 2009 at 4:42 am


    Excellent comments. I hope you get healthy soon.

  11. john

    Jul 23, 2009 at 9:35 pm

    (Edited) dont try to make yourself look good chuck. You lost that fight because he was a better fighter. I really doubt you tore your pectoral muscle either. You say you dint talk crap but what was that comment about how you love to hear the sound of you hitting him over and over and also you stated he only hit you like 3 times and he hit like a b, so stop lying. It makes it alot worse because you lost. You dont deserve a rematch until you actually win a fight. go find something new to do with your life because fighting aint it kid.

  12. Steven

    Jul 24, 2009 at 12:52 am

    I was at this event and found it to be one of the best in the Chicago land I have been to. Congrats to all the fighters you guys put on a great show. I was reading on here how John was commenting on Chuck Giles and the fight against Ronnie Chapman. I was sitting cage side and from my view it looked like Chuck was hitting Ronnie and on his back like a horse. As a MMA Coach, I noticed flaws in Ronnie’s game as well as Chuck’s game. Both fighters impressed me, but I noticed that Ronnie never pulled his leg out of Chucks half-guard, so to say he was mounted and being ready to be dominated is taking it to far. I applaud both fighters neither deserve to be called pussy’s or none the latter. Also, congrats to Mike Welch and Brandon Delprado on their title wins. The DC3 show was a great show and I will be making my way to another show. Thank You

  13. chuck

    Jul 24, 2009 at 12:14 pm

    like i said above i dont talk shit about other fighters and its nice how u spend so much time on myspace talking to me my friend dont think i dont know who u are so if u dont want me to expose u for who u really r i think u need to keep my name and me outta ur mouth, one thing u dont know just like with ever fighter is i lose hard and i lost this fighter harder, i got my good points outta the loss just like every fight, and i wasnt talking about him i was stating a fact that he did hit me 3 times but i didnt say he hit like a bitch, but i dont have to sit here and battle back and fourth with you since me and you already talked on my myspace, and we cleared it up but yet and still you feel u have some need to glorify ronnie or get your self some hype when your real name is not even john, cause there is no john on my myspace, so you dont you stop being a bitch, stop posting blogs talking shit about me you stalker, and leave me alone, your a fighter one thing your coach should teach u is respect and honor, i do respect ronnie, and i said he hit me three times, never said he hit like a bitch, and its funny cause me and you just talked yesterday lol, so if u got something to say to me, say it but dont be a bitch and try to be all cool then come on here and try to play me, dude cause its not cool, dont think i dont know u cause i do, and learn how to spell, and i like ur blog on myspace too

    much love and respect (maybe u should learn what that is)

    chuck giles

    p.s. i wont be posting no more because for me to sit here and continue this war of words with you, it would appear that you dont have enough ammo

  14. chuck

    Jul 24, 2009 at 2:22 pm

    dude u know what i take back everything i said on here, i know u and i thought we could be cool but its apparent that u have something against me, i never met u in person, we only talked on myspace and u know that what ur saying is not true if u had such a big problem with me u coulda bought it to me yesterday when we were talking on myspace but insted u wanna talk about me on here spread lies and make me seem like a bad guy and thats cool, so whatever i did to you or to offend u i apologize dude and i wish u well, i wish u much success as a pro in mma, so i apologize and i hope that whatever beef u have with me, or hatred u have with me u settle within your self my friend

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