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This isn’t exactly what BJ Penn needed with a title fight right around the corner. A huge uproar has just begun over inflammatory comments Penn made during an interview with Kevin Iole of Yahoo. Penn said he believes Georges St. Pierre uses steroids.

Penn said he believes St. Pierre uses steroids, though he concedes he has no proof. St. Pierre is arguably the sport’s most popular fighter and Penn knows that making such allegations isn’t going to win him any friends.

Penn, though, isn’t the type to be shy about offering his opinion though it may be unpopular.

“It’s just my opinion that he uses steroids,” Penn said. “That’s it. My opinion. I do believe it. I can’t hand you any proof, but that’s my opinion.”

In an earlier conversation on the topic, Penn said, “In my opinion, he doesn’t play by the rules when it comes to steroids and growth hormones and that stuff. Look at him. He’s the worst. He looks like that every day. That’s cheating. There is a reason why there are rules against using steroids. The rest of us, we get fat, then we train and get skinny and the cycle goes over and over again. He looks the same way all the time. Come on.”

B.J. then added these 2 video responses at his website.

B.J. seems like he’s trying to be apologetic. But how can he make those comments and then say that he didn’t know Iole would make the article about that? He just accused GSP of roiding, based on his “opinion”. Of course Iole is going to jump on that. Those are harsh accusations.

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