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The Dupage Expo Center once again serves as the arena for Mayhem Promotions’ growing Disorderly Conduct series.  Each show continues to build off the previous in terms of production,  matchmaking and most of all brand awareness.  Brothers Jeff Jr. and Joe Albin team with their father Jeff Sr. to produce another strong event.

Despite the fact it was a huge night in the fight world(UFC 103 the Mayweather/Marquez fight took place on the same night) the turnout was comparable to past events.  “Whether UFC is going on the same night, or any other fight, it doesn’t matter,” Joe Albin Jr. tells Chicago’s MMA.  “There are those are those people who want to see good fights in person.  It’s not about competing with the other promotions.  I don’t know exact numbers yet, but I’m happy with the turnout.  More importantly it’s been a night of solid fights.”

The two main events certainly featured evenly matched opponents who were also very technical.  Jordin Hinman made the first defense of his 155 pound title against Anthony Goodwin.  The lanky Hinman possesses a good muay thai game mixing combination striking with knee attacks.  Meantime Goodwin is a very powerful wrestler who is very calculated with his attack, always under control wasting very little energy.  Lots of great scrambles on the ground in this one.  Hinman proved he was very comfortable working off his back, but Goodwin’s top game was truly impressive.  The Rockford based lightweight picked his spots to work ground and pound, and when he threw he landed often.  But Goodwin also displayed a good “crushing” from the top switching from position to position while landing shots.  The belt changes hands after Goodwin defeats Hinman by ref stoppage in the 2nd round.

As for the future, the next two events are already taking shape.  DC V will be Halloween  night, and DC VI in December promises to be epic.  The one year anniversary show will feature five title matches.  All the belts within in the organizations will be on the line that night. This is something unheard in both amatuer and professional MMA.

Official Results For: Mayhem Promotions- Disorderly Conduct IV

Saturday September 19, 2009

Du Page Expo Center- St. Charles, IL

Sanctioned By: Combat Consulting LLC

Amateur MMA- Lightweight 3 X 3

La Quinn Swift 1/17/85 def. Joshua Dawson 3/30/90 via Ref Stoppage to Strikes 2:23 R2

Amateur MMA- Lightweight 3 X 3

Buddy McGinnis 10/18/84 def. Alfred Arnold 5/8/82 via U Dec. (29-28, 30-27, 30-27)

Amateur MMA- Featherweight 3 X 3

Ryan Robison 12/6/88 def. Mark Mack 6/7/76 via U Dec. (30-27, 30-26, 30-27)

Amateur MMA- Featherweight 3 X 3

Jeff Lavallee 8/4/80 def. Anthony Whalen 7/15/85 via Ref Stoppage to Strikes 2:38 R1

Amateur MMA- Welterweight 3 X 3

Percy Hicks 2/14/81 def. Sonny Bordonado 2/8/82 via KO :06 R1

Amateur MMA- Bantamweight 3 X 3

Greg Reddington 8/27/90 def. Mike Lettieri 7/29/87 via U Dec. (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Amateur MMA- Lightweight Title Bout 3 X 5

Anthony Goodwin 11/27/87 def. Jordin Hinman 8/28/85 via Ref Stoppage to Strikes 3:00 R2

Anthony Goodwin is the NEW Mayhem Promotions Lightweight Champion

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  1. Chitown_Jim

    Sep 29, 2009 at 6:20 am

    The fight between Hicks and Bordonado was a slap in the face to MMA fighters and the sport! When did we lose the respect factor for “Mixed Martial Arts” and make it into “Thug Street Fighting”? Who ever the referee was talking to and said “that fighters must always protect themselves at all times” and that was the reason why the Hicks one, should step down from any position he has in MMA! The whole idea about MMA is the respect factor to the person you are fighting. The idea of Hicks throwing a sucker punch as Bordonado put his hand up in respect to the fight and the fighter was pathetic. The only result you can have there would be a no decision and then not allow Hicks to fight again! That was Hicks acting like he was in a street fight and even then you can see he wouldn’t fight fair! I am passing the word around and hopefully some justice and respect with be given back to the “ART” of MMA fighting when this street thug and his coach, who should have volunteered that it be a no decision, are not allowed back in. I might be over reacting, but this cheap shot broke a bone in Bordonado face, where is the fairness to him? God forbid something worse would have happened to him. And if we don’t do something about it, it may happen to someone else and then it may be worse for them. RESPECT, I believe is being lost here. New rule in place to keep the respect factor, touch gloves step back to neutral position then the REFEREE should say fight! Just an idea. Let’s bring back the respect factor and the art of mixed martial arts and get rid of street thugs who just want to fight!

  2. Oteis Tucker

    Oct 10, 2009 at 1:03 pm

    The fight between hicks and boronado was good, usually the ref says touch gloves and make it a clean fight .The ref already said fight so there is no need for glove tapping that is a preference. You came to fight so fight afterwards show respect and showmanship. Who is the stereotypical jerk that wrote the other comment? Get a life dont hate! Boranado still would have lost glove tapping or not.

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