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Rampage was working the corner for Abe Wagner in last night’s premiere of “The Ultimate Fighter”. Rampage didn’t offer up a lot of technical corner advice to Wagner. Actually he didn’t tell him anything that fans at home couldn’t have told him. Except that most fans were probably too busy laughing to yell out such gems as these:

  1. “Get up!”
  2. “Time is short, man!”
  3. “He keeps doing the same thing over and over!”
  4. “Man, c’mon Abe.”
  5. “Keep goin’.”
  6. “Do what you gotta do, Abe. Do what you gotta do.”
  7. “Sweep or get up, man.”
  8. “Why you tryin’ to shake hands with him, man! Get up.”
  9. “You gotta do somethin’.”
  10. “Abe, you wanna win? You gotta go.”

Not exactly instructive. And Kimbo seemed happy to be with Rampage, but he’d probably be much better off with Greg Jackson and Rashad. Tune in again next week for Rampage’s next top10!

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