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Heavyweight Mike Russow makes a successful debut in the UFC after beating Justin McCully by unanimous decision.

As popular as UFC is in the Chicagoland area(Dana White previously stated the Chicago market is one of the top pay-per-view purchasing markets when it comes to UFC shows) the local TV news stations still have a narrow focus when it comes to sports coverage.  For the most part they all do a fair amount of hilights from the Bears, Cubs, White Sox, Bulls, Blackhawks and Tiger Woods.  But when it comes to soccer, auto racing and other non”Big 4″ sports they’ll sprinkle in maybe a highlight of 1 or 2 plays.  Now when it comes to boxing forget about it, and they aren’t even aware UFC exists.

However one local station reported Russow’s big win: CLTV News.  Of course, local fans will remember CLTV aired the short run “Combatwire” TV show last year.  Check out the story they ran after Russow’s victory.

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