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Felice Herrig may be a midwesterner, but she is currently representing on the West Coast.  It’s hardly a vacation for Herrig though.  The Lil’ Bulldog is in San Diego training with UFC veteran Brandon Vera and her good friend and “Fight Girls” castmate Kerry Verra for an upcoming MMA fight.

Herrig will fight this coming Friday at the BankUnited Center at The University of Miami in “Unconquered 1: November Reign.” She faces Michelle Gutierrez in a preliminary bout set to take place at 120 pounds.  This will be Felice’s third MMA fight and she’ll be seeking her first win.

If you watched the recent UFC Countdown show previewing Brandon Vera’s fight with Randy Couture you would have caught a glimpse of Felice training at Vera’s gym Alliance MMA.  She’s actually been in San Diego since September, moving her training camp out West.

“I love it out here,” says the Buffallo Grove native. “Such great training. Dominick Cruz works with us on our wrestling a lot, Lloyd Irvin is working on our jits. The difference in training is ridiculous.”

Previously Felice trained at the Midwest Training Center in Schaumburg.  She decided on a change of scenery to change up her training routine and has loved it so much she plans to move out there next year.

“Kerry and Brandon have been helping me a lot for this fight and just in general. They are selling some shirts, “The Truth” shirts and Kerry started a line called “Verafied.”  I want you guys to help them because they’re helping me by checking out the gear at Brandon’s website, BrandonVera.com.  You better or I’ll beat you up.”

Here’s the promotional video for Unconquered 1: November Reign.

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  1. guitierrez tomato can

    Nov 25, 2009 at 6:29 am

    first of all michele guitierrez was way smaller than felice herrig (115 or less) michele has skinny little arms. felice walks around at 125 BIG EFFIN DEAL felice tapped out a girl with absolutely no ground game and michele is WEAK. show me a real win against a real opponent

  2. Ryan

    Dec 4, 2009 at 1:28 pm

    Whos the poor sport who goes around slandering not 1 but 2 fighters??? 2nd does anyone care what you think???Don’t think so!! Last time I checked fighters have to make weight to fight every fighter in the biz usually walks around way bigger than what they fight at so again do you really no what your talkin about??It’s sad to see someone with no hope of doin anything of value sit aroumd and knock people who are doing something and making something of their future!!!See ya on the sidelines loser.. Congrats to FELICE “LIL BULLDOG” HERRIG on her win and to Michele for being a game opponet…. HI HATER lol

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