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After two MMA bouts where her opponents smothered her and avoided prolonged standup exchanges, Felice Herrig finally got the monkey off her back and arm bars her way to victory.  Herrig submits Michelle Gutierrez in the second of their match in Unconquered 1:November Reign.  This is the L’il Bulldog’s first MMA win and her record is now 1-2.

Felice’s previous two opponents, Iman Achhal and Valerie Coolbaugh, avoided going toe to toe with kickboxing stylist.  Instead they successfully kept the fights in the clinch or on the ground.  Such tactics prevented Felice from letting loose with her aggressive punching style, and she lost both fights by split decision.

After studying her first two fights Herrig knew future opponents would follow the same strategy and she needed to adapt.

For her third career match Herrig changed things up a little bit.  Instead of training at the Midwest Training Center she did her training camp in San Diego at The Alliance Training Center with her friends Brandon and Kerry Vera.  The move paid off for the former host of Combatwire on CLTV.

She tells Chicago’s MMA, “Cage work and wrestling won me the fight.”  During her time at The Alliance Training Center Felice was able to find everything she needed at one facility.  Back here in Chicago, Felice would train at MTC, but she also had to commute to other places to find female training partners.   At Alliance Felice worked with her “Fight Girls” castmate Kerry Vera as well as Brandon’s sister Michelle Vera.  Kerry happend to be preparing for a fight which was the same night at Felice’s, so the move benefitted both of them.

In addition to having training partners who could push her, Felice also had the opportunity to work her wrestling with WEC standout bantamweight Dominick Cruz, and work her submission game with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu champion Lloyd Irvin.

Herrig gave Chicago’s MMA her version of the outcome:  “In round two I slammed her, and pounded on her.  They didn’t stop the fight so I took her arm and arm barred her.”

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