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Taking a look at what’s hot in MMA Gear and MMA Clothing for the month of January…

With “Suga” getting back in the victory column against Thiago Silva, his UFC 108 walkout shirt is hot.

Rashad Evans Silver Star UFC 108 Tee


Picking up where they left off with their Kyoudo Fight Shorts, Hayabusa’s Mizuchi Fight Shorts are getting great reviews. The design is killer too.

Hayabusa Mizuchi Fight Shorts

hayabusa mizuchi

The Jakks MMA action figures were popular for holiday gifts and they are still hot here in January. The figures are mostly UFC fighters, but they also have some Pride and WEC combatants, like Kevin Randleman and Miguel Torres.

Jakks Anderson Silva Action Figure

Jakks Anderson Silva Figure

Moving on to gear, the Jaco Guardian Compression Short & Cup is quickly becoming a favorite among MMA fighters and practitioners. With its leg pockets and 6 included pads, the Jaco short is nice for absorbing some of the heavy kicks. One reviewer said, “I caught an inadvertent switch kick to the cup area and kept sparring because I hadn’t realized that the kick had landed. I felt something, but wasn’t sure. My sparring partner apologized and it was only then I realized what happened. This is a fantastic product for the enthusiast and pro alike.

Jaco Compression Short

Jaco Guardian Compression Short and Cup

The Datsusara PGB3 MMA Gear Bag is getting 5-star ratings across the board. It’s a huge gear bag, and made from heavy duty 100% hemp canvas – the strongest and most durable of all natural textile fibers It’s also anti-microbial so bacteria, fungus and mold can’t live in it. It has plenty of different pockets for water bottles, mouth guards, towels and more.

Datsusara PGB3 MMA Gear Bag

Datsusara PGB3 MMA Gear Bag

We saved the most fun item for last: the new Gi shirt from Mallee. It’s like the tuxedo shirt for MMA fans and geeks!

Mallee Gi Shirt

Mallee Gi Shirt

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