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Some may call the finishing move in this “Killer Finish”  an “exotic” choke in the sense that many have not seen it before.  Shuichiro Katsumura upsets Masakatsu Ueda with what he calls a “Ninja Choke” to win Shooto’s featherweight belt at “The Way of Shooto 2: Like a Tiger, Like a Dragon.”

katsumura ueda shooto

Katsumura nailed the choke from rubber guard, which drew praise from Eddie Bravo himself.  However, Bravo admitted on The Underground Forum he doesn’t drill this particular choke and gave the new Shooto champion his props.  Another forum member pointed out the fact that this particular choke can be found in Baret Yoshida’s book/DVD “The Principles of the Art of Submission”, although Yoshida does it from the Mount and he calls it a reverse guillotine choke.

Baret Yoshida Reverse Guillotine

Bruce Lee often quoted the old saying, “the word is not the thing.” He believed too much terminology could poison a martial artist’s mind, distracting the practitioner from that which matters which is training and self-improvement. If we take this perspective when looking at the Ninja Choke/Reverse Guillotine I would argue who cares what it’s called. I would rather focus on the essence of the move and being able to implement it against an alive opponent and make the choke “mine.”

So props go out to Katsumura for winning the belt in spectacular fashion(especialy against Ueda who figures into the top 5 of a lot bantamweight rankings), props to Eddie Bravo who’s focused on drilling the move instead of getting into a debate over the name and origin of the choke, and props to Bruce Lee for thinking way ahead of his time.

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