Chicago Fight Team standout Louis Taylor put in one of the most exciting Bellator performances you didn’t see unless you were there in person at The Chicago Theatre.  Taylor won his fight in spectacular fashion: a head kick to defeat Ryan Sturdy.

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The middleweight fighter is known for his powerful wrestling, but Louis’ coach Roberto Ramirez says his fighter was “on that night.”  In fact, Taylor predicted he would win this way during his pre-fight interview by telling the commentators he would end the fight early with a nice head kick.

Taylor told Chicago’s MMA, “My Bellator experience went well, yet everything went to quickly.  I learned from the past shows such as Adrenaline & Strikeforce that proper preparation prevents poor performance.  With only 7 professional fights it feels strange saying this but experience played a big roll in my performance.  My fight was scheduled as the second fight but due to Jonatas Novaes’ unfortunate illness, I went first.  Dealing with the Illinois boxing commission is no easy task for any promotion no matter how big or small.  Bellator had everything a fighter could ask for in place, in the end the only thing a cool young Lou could’ve asked for more of was time.  Special thanks to Roberto Ramirez & Chicago Fight Team.”

Although Louis’ win over Sturdy did not make the national broadcast on Fox Sports/Comcast Sportsnet, Bellator may put the highlight on its Youtube account in the future.

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