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There’s a Chicago area connection to the success of reigning UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu world champion Rodrigo “Comprido” Medeiros.  Comprido coaches BJJ at FloMMA in Northwest Suburban Palatine.

Courtesy: Five Ounces of Pain

Lesnar has learned BJJ under  Comprido’s tutelage for the past two years.  In the locker room after tapping Shane Carwin with the arm triangle/shoulder choke, Lesnar singled out Comprido’s efforts.  The champ boasted,  “That little maneuver was Mr. Comprido, and we worked on it all camp long.”

Courtesy: Five Ounces of Pain

Lesnar was coming off a well-documented absence from MMA due to health concerns.  In order to make sure his long-awaited return to the Octagon would be successful Comprido made some sacrifices of his own to ensure Lesnar would be properly prepared for his title fight with Carwin.  He recently told GRACIEMAG.com:

“It made up for not having competed at the Worlds because I opted to work and couldn’t prepare myself to compete.”

Lesnar has undergone much scrutiny regarding his ability since getting involved with mixed martial arts.  His detractors continue to suggest he only wins based on his size and pure strength.  They refuse to recognize any technical skills he may possess outside of his All American wrestling background.  However Comprido is quick to refute the so-called haters.  In the same interview he also told GRACIEMAG.com:

“Brock is every coach’s dream. He doesn’t complain, he always pays attention to what we’re teaching and he’s a born athlete. He has abnormal strength and speed. The sky’s the limit with him, and he’ll continue to evolve for a long time. He’s a grappler, so he loves training on the ground, likes training as a whole a lot. And one thing you haven’t seen yet is how he has an aggressive guard. He’ll surprise a lot of people.”

Brock Lesnar isn’t the only fighter who works with Comprido.  Another local based UFC heavyweight, Mike Russow, trains regularly with the Team Brasa standout(whose teammates include Andre Galvao, Robert Drysdale & “Jacaere” Souza) as does Christian “Xaropinho” Uflacker, leader of the Uflacker Academy in Summit.

Watch Comprido tap veteran Jiu JItsu and MMA fighter Nino “Elvis” Schembri:

For Comprido’s entire interview with GRACIEMAG.COM click here.

To learn more about the man himself check out his website:  CompridoBJJ.com

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