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by Tim Priester

Outdoor War 6 lived up to its billing and XFO started this great event by featuring some good amateur fighters displaying grit, talent and heart. Are these the next up and comers of MMA? The future of MMA? Whatever it will be, it will be pretty good if these fighters are any indication of the future of MMA. Some of the amateurs won with some impressive submissions. This was some great action that got the fans excited about what was to come from the pro card.

The fans didn’t just show up for the party-like atmosphere, cold beers, delicious food and some good amateur fighters. They were here screaming for the pros and you could tell the fans were hungry with anticipation. The hot sun finally set on the day’s action meaning the pros were treated to a cool night — but some hot action in the ring — and I’m not talking from those sexy little ring girls. The first pro fight was the Parker/Ambang fight. A good fight to open with and the quick decision didn’t even wet the whistles of the fans. Parker’s rear naked choke in the first after some nice strikes put a quick end to the fight.

The Winters/Santiago fight also finished with a submission but lasted until the 2nd round. The first round was filled with a series of jabs and strikes exchanged between fighters but a little after the start of the 2nd round winter’s managed to slip a guillotine in and it was over.

Working with, and being lead to the ring by Jeff Curran, Michelle Gutierrez displayed why she is one of the top female fighters in XFO, but what was surprising was how she won. Even though Gutierrez had been working with Curran on her ground game, this fight turned into a three round slug fest with Cassie Rodish and there was no action on the ground to speak of. Even so, Gutierrez had little problem convincing the judges and won by unanimous decision.

What turned out to be one of the best fights of the night was the 180 pound fight between Nowaczyk and Morrow. It was a rematch for these two fighters it was a technical brawl. Both fighters battled through a series of hard punches and knees and both tried multiple submission attempts. However, Nowaczyk did manage to put on a tough arm bar (his fifth attempt) in the second that Morrow was unable to get out of. This was a darn good fight!

After one of the better fights of the night, came one of the more questionable fights of the night. The Sturdy/Brooks fight featured a couple of 205-pounders that looked poised to knock each other out. And they didn’t disappoint as the punches came in bunches. But at about the 2 minute mark of the first round Brooks lost some balance (after some tough Sturdy strikes) and was against the cage getting punched and kneed from Sturdy when the ref stopped the fight to the confusion of the fighters and the fans. Some were thinking that Brooks was going to be given a minute for what seemed like a low blow while others where cheering the victor…Sturdy. This reporter had a good view and it did look like a low knee to the groin. This caused Brooks to look defenseless as he tried to gather himself as the punches from Sturdy continued to rain down and so the ref stopped the fight. Needless to say fans and Brooks were upset but in the end the ref had to make the call to protect what he thought was a fighter in trouble.

Part of the co-main event was the return to the ring of Matt “Sunshine” Fiordirosa, and telling by the reaction of the crowd that was why most of the fans were there. A three year layoff proved to be nothing for Sunshine as he started the match against Bobby Reardanz with a fury punches. Reardanz was able to match the intensity and powerful strikes were exchanged by both men for the entire first round, with the occasional takedown attempt sprinkled in. The second round started much the way the first ended and Sunshine utilized vicious punches that found their mark causing a ref stoppage early in the second much to the delight of many of the already cheering fans.

The last fight of the night was Joe Pearson vs Daniel Straus and was the other main event on the ticket. The first round had Straus taking Pearson down quickly and maintaining control; then, the ref had to stop the match so that Pearson could tape up his toe after it inadvertently got caught and cut on the cage. After the medical stoppage the action resumed with Straus continuously controlling the action and pace with ground and pound. The brutal ground and pound displayed at the end of the first was utilized all through out the second round and the ref was forced to stop the fight after a series of hammer-fists found their mark as Pearson was pinned against the cage.

Complete pro results from OUTDOOR WAR 6 presented by XFO:

145–Joe Pearson vs Daniel Straus: Daniel Straus won via TKO in the 2nd at 4:04 (ref stoppage)

145–Matt Fiordirosa vs Bobby Reardanz: Matt “Sunshine” Fiordirosa won via TKO in 2nd at :33 (ref stoppage)

205–Ryan Sturdy vs Rashad Brooks: Ryan Sturdy won via TKO in 1st at 2:10 (ref stoppage)

180–Kevin Nowaczyk vs Robert Morrow: Kevin Nowaczyk won via submission in 2nd at 4:13 (arm bar)

120–Michele Gutierrez vs Cassie Rodish: Michele Gutierrez won by unanimous decision

155–Mike Santiago vs Donavon Winters: Donavon Winters won via submission in the 2nd at 1:12 (guillotine)

170–Francios Ambang vs Tony Parker: Tony Parker won via submission in the 1st at 2:08 (rear naked choke)

Christopher Garcia vs Marcos Marquez: DNF

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