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Gabriel Gonzaga

Gabriel Gonzaga’s tweet that he has been cut from the UFC is interesting. He tweeted, “Back to normal life and BJJ forever.”

Maybe if Gonzaga had used his considerable BJJ skills he’d still be in the UFC. Gonzaga fell in love with his hands — a common disease among MMA fighters — and never got back to his strengths. I would have thought that he would try to submit Brendan Schaub, but Gonzaga chose to stand and bang with him — even after Schaub showed himself to be faster to the punch and beat Gonzaga in nearly every exchange.

It’s very odd. My hope is that Junior Dos Santos has paid attention to the UFC portion of Gonzaga’s career. Junior has fantastic hands, but his ground game is excellent too. Should Dos Santos find himself getting beat on in the standup game against Cain Velasquez, I hope he takes the fight to the ground.

Sure Velasquez is an excellent wrestler. But the top-level BJJ guys can submit the best wrestlers. Too bad Gonzaga never really got around to trying it.

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