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Results from American Predator Fighting Championship’s “Aftershock” event on Saturday, November 20th in Lemont, Illinois.

1) James Barber vs Nick Boulhanis- Boulhanis wins 26 seconds into the first round by KO via head kick. Boulhanis was awarded “Knockout of the Night”.

2) Demi Chapman vs Elizabeth Roig- Roig wins 1:06 into first round by tapout from Rear Naked Choke. Roig was awarded “Submission of the Night”.

3) William Peterson vs Jakub Mirecki- Mirecki wins 1:05 into first round by tapout via guillotine.

4) Terry Benson vs Christine Sarricola- Sarricola wins 2:20 into Round 3 by TKO (Referee Stoppage due to Ground n Pound)

5) Otis Brumfield vs Stefan Ivanof- Brumfield wins via Split Decision

6) Correy Barriero vs Charles Masney- Barriero wins via Split Decision

7) Victor Johnson vs Arnoldas Kozys- Arnoldas wins 2:25 into Round 2 – TKO – Referee Stoppage due to Ground n Pound. This match was awarded “Fight of the Night” honors.

8- Nick Jessen vs Jeff LaVallee- LaVallee wins via unanimous decision.

9) Maurice Jackson vs Egidijus Lialko- Lialko wins 10 seconds into round 1 with a KO via knee to the head. Also awarded “Knockout of the Night”

Special thanks to Jason “The Centurion” Belyew for this report. Belyew was originally slated to fight a rematch with Sebastion Antosiewicz, but Belyew suffered a rib injury late in his camp and was forced to withdraw. Hopefully we’ll get to see those two fighters battle sometime in the near future.

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