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Mike Lullo UFC

Midwest Training Center fighter Mike Lullo made his UFC debut Saturday night in Detroit against Edson Barbosa, but came out on the losing end after the fight was stopped just moments into round 3.

After Lullo was slammed in round one, he pulled guard on Barbosa into what Joe Rogan and 10th Planet devotees like to call “Mission Control”. From there Lullo worked for a gogoplata for about 2 minutes. He almost had it but could not bring his right leg over the left arm of Barbosa. Barbosa was able to escape.

Barbosa repeatedly landed thunderous leg kicks to Lullo’s lead leg, and when Lullo pulled guard again you could see the redness and swelling caused by them. He again worked for a gogoplata but was unable to secure it. Barbosa landed more leg kicks and you could tell they were really affecting Lullo.

Before round 3 Alex Trujillo told Lullo that they were down 2 rounds and he needed to focus. Rogan made a bit of a snide comment, saying that Lullo needs specific technique instruction to counter the leg kicks, not “there’s 5 minutes left, don’t lose”. But we did not get to hear the rest of what Trujillo was relaying to Lullo, so I thought that was a bit unfair.

Lullo ate some more leg kicks and was having trouble getting up after them. Eventually the fight was stopped because of this early in round 3. Lullo was giving up some size and length to Barbosa, but he showed the world just how tough and game he was throughout the match.

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