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Results from Ruckus IV in Addison on November 24, 2010.

Tyrone Deal vs. Rob Sandoval

The first amateur bout of the night got the event off to a quick start. Deal was doing work with strikes, attacking Sandoval and stalking him across the cage. But then Sandoval got the fight to the ground, and that’s where it stayed. He looked for subs all the while pounding on Deal. Eventually he got the mount and threw bombs until the ref stepped in to end it. Rob Sandoval TKO-Strikes/Ref. Stoppage at 2:29 of round 1.

Bob Ritchie vs. Ro Herrera

Two big heavyweights were up next. Herrera came out with conviction in his plan — throw all kinds of strikes and throw a lot of them. He connected with some loud right hands and kicks that landed square on Ritchie’s face. Ritchie just kept coming until the end of the round when it looked like he had enough. He actually turned away from Herrera, walked to the other side of the cage and covered up, seemingly a clear sign to stop the fight. But the ref let the action continue and Ritchie survived the round. Round 2 began and Herrera began his onslaught again. Ritchie dropped his mouthpiece again and that’s when the ref stopped in and stopped it. Very odd stoppage that should have been done in the first round. Ro Herrera TKO-Ref Stoppage Round 2.

Pj Cajigas vs. Inkidto Shamoon

Top Notch’s PJ Cajigas has been very active of late, fighting in DeKalb at APFC and then in October at Chicago Cagefighting Championship. This was his 3rd fight in just over 50 days. Cajigas pushed the action early in the first and caught Shamoon with some solid strikes. Shamoon returned them in kind. Then Cajigas shot in on Shamoon and secured the takedown, but Shamoon grabbed his neck and quickly locked in a very tight guillotine. Cajigas had to tap. Inkidto Shamoon wins via Submission – Guillotine at 2:30 of Round 1.

Chase Beebe vs. Josh Kasee

The first fight of the pro card featured the biggest name at the event. Beebe wasted little time taking Kasee down and treating him to a barrage of ground and pound that seemed to last for an eternity. The fight did make it back to standup, but just briefly. Beebe locked in a standing guillotine, dropped to the ground and Kasee tapped. Chase Beebe wins via Submission – Guillotine at 4:56 of Round 1.

Jake Murphy vs. Jeremy Czarnecki

This fight was on the ground for almost the entirety of the match. In the first, Czarnecki did catch a rear naked choke, but Murphy was able to survive. The next 2 rounds were all Murphy, repeatedly taking Czarnecki to the ground and scoring points. Jake Murphy wins via Unanimous Decision.

Romon Barber vs. Mike Santiago

Barber was a late addition to the card, and he fights out of Matt Hughes’ Hit Squad camp. Santiago overpowered him from the bell. Santiago got the crowd out of their seats with a highlight reel slam that thundered throughout the venue. From there he dominated with efficient ground and pound until it was stopped late in the first. Mike Santiago wins by TKO-Ref Stoppage at 4:01 of Round 1.

Bill Hill vs. Joe Bunch

Bill Hill is a venerable, durable fighter who has fought in the area for a long time. But this night belonged to Joe Bunch. Bunch had Hill on his back for all 3 rounds, and Hill had no answers with a passive guard. He didn’t seem to work hard enough to get back to his feet, or Bunch is that dominant on the ground. Hill is usually the one doing the bullying in the cage, but tonight he was the victim. Joe Bunch wins via Unanimous Decision.

Carson Beebe vs. Randy Fuentes

The main event of the night pitted Gilbert Grappling’s Carson Beebe against The Hit Squad’s Randy Fuentes. Much like his older brother Chase, Carson worked quickly to get the fight to the ground in round 1 to unleash some ground and pound. In round 2, Beebe was up for more of the same, but this time Fuentes latched onto an arm and caught a very tight arm bar. You could see it in Beebe’s shoulder that it was locked in. But Beebe escaped and resumed with his GnP attack. Fuentes proved game in round 3, looking for subs, but Beebe was just too much for him on the ground. The judges all scored it 30-27. Carson Beebe wins via Unanimous Decision.

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