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Fighter quotes from the pre-fight presser for Strikeforce: Henderson vs. Babalu…


“I don’t care if I respect an opponent or not; my goal is to win, to go in there and beat the other guy up. It’s no secret. I am going to look for a KO.

“I don’t care if he absorbs strikes well. I hit harder than the other guys.

“I leave my opponents up to (STRIKEFORCE CEO) Scott Coker and the fans. If they really want me to face someone, I will.

“You can’t take anything from the first fight with Babalu. I’ve never even looked at a tape.’’


“Everybody wants to be a world champion, everybody wants the title. I’ll fight anybody that brings me closer to that.

“This will be a tremendous fight, don’t worry about that. I’m as prepared for this fight as I can be and will do whatever it takes to finish the fight.

“I’m happiest when I am in the cage and can share my passion with the crowd and TV audience.

“We are totally different fighters than we were 10 years ago.’’


“My weight is good. I just want to fight and win. That is my priority. All my fighters are entertaining. It’s a big deal anytime you can beat a middleweight dropping down in weight who has defeated the Cung Le.

“I’m really looking forward to showing the new STRIKEFORCE fans what Semtex is all about and fighting again on SHOWTIME.

“I absolutely appreciate the opportunity I am getting. STRIKEFORCE is showing a lot of faith in me.

“Smith is like a Rocky Balboa the way he keeps coming back to win, but this isn’t a movie. Someone is getting knocked out, and my money is on me.


“Thanksgiving kind of sucked this year because I knew I’d be cutting weight. But all the hard work is done; now I just have to make the weight and we fight.

“I decided to go down a weight division because I had been making 185 pretty easily. I definitely feel quicker and stronger now.

“Daley is a world-class striker. Both of us play right into each other’s hands. This is a great matchup.’’


“I’m really looking forward to Saturday and fighting Lawler on a phenomenal card. This is a fight that should have taken place a long time ago.

“I’m always looking to finish fights. Lawler’s tough but I’ll finish him with a hold as soon as there is an opening.

“My goal is to win and fight (STRIKEFORCE World Middleweight Champion) Jacare (Souza). I want to redeem myself and take him down.

“Robbie is a hell of an entertainer, but on Saturday I am going to be the star of the show.’’


“The late change in opponents makes no difference to me. I want to fight Fedor, (Fabricio) Werdum or (Alistair) Overeem but if they won’t fight me, I’ll just treat my opponent as a top world fighter.

“I want to keep fighting and will continue to keep fighting whoever they put in front of me.’’


“Last-minute fights are common, and I took this fight on five-day’s notice. But that’s why we’re always training at AKA (American Kickboxing Academy) — to always be ready. I’m always in shape.

“This weight’s got me nervous for fighting a big guy like Silva, but I’ll use my speed to win. Despite the size difference, I’m still thinking I’ll get a third-round KO.

“I’m here to win. I’m not taking a fight just to be an opponent. I’ve got nothing to lose.

“I feel good fighting at 205. I want to show that I am one of the best and the best way to do that is to show the best against the best.’’


“I’m nervous but excited to take a fight on short notice. I usually have more of a game plan going into a fight but with 10-day’s notice and with Ovince, I’ll just take what comes.

“I am happy to be fighting anybody again after seemingly a year’s worth of huge speed-bumps (injuries).’’


“I was definitely surprised when I got the call from my manager about this fight. I’d just fought, but I was ready and had been working out so I said, “OK, let’s do it.’ I’m looking forward to fighting Saturday and furthering my career with STRIKEFORCE.

“When I first started my MMA career, I was mostly trying to do it alone, but talent can only take you so far. Working with different coaches and with my regular physical conditioning coach has made me stronger, faster and better overall.’’

“I know Radach has been off due to some injuries, but he is definitely a great fighter who hits really hard. But I’m really comfortable slugging. If he wants to bring it on, let’s bring it on. This is definitely going to be a great fight.’’

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