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What is Ginastica Natural?

Alvaro Romano studied a wealth of different oriental techniques. As a practitioner of Hatha Yoga, his aim was to improve his performance as an athlete, with training for sports as the central theme, and he began developing his own body of work, influenced by the ground movements of Jiu-Jitsu.

“I began by identifying some of the movements I created in my training routines with animal-names in a purely illustrative manner, Ginastica Natural does not mimic animals like some martial arts do.”- ALVARO ROMANO

Ginastica Natural retains some concepts and fundamentals from centuries past, based on the natural movements of primitive man and activities performed in nature, but its exercises to be practiced in open-air and in closed-environments like classrooms were developed and adapted in a completely unique manner and influenced by the sports Alvaro Romano practiced.

In constant motion and with several combinations of different moves, Ginastica Natural is based on Jiu-Jitsu ground movement, strength exercises using the body’s own weight, and dynamic stretching and breathing techniques. There are hundreds of movements, with different class plans every day. It is a complete body of work that develops physical qualities like strength, flexibility, coordination, among others, and through breathing techniques provides the practitioner with great progress in mental and motor control. Romano has his own specific training routine and new sequences and exercises are being created every day to offer practitioners different and innovative ways to get to know and control the body and mind.

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