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Jeff Curran Pre-Surgery

Best wishes for a quick recovery to Jeff Curran. That’s Curran right before his recent surgery, going to have his arm repaired after aggravating an old injury during his fight against David Love at XFO 37. That fight was one of the best local fights of the year, and you can watch it below.

Curran told MMA Weekly, “They found out through neurological tests that my ulna nerve is pinched at my elbow joint, and it’s also hung up in the plate that I have, so that’s what’s causing this numbness. They have to go in and re-position this nerve, which is the thickness of a pin that runs up your arm, and they’re going to remove this plate and shave my bone down, stitch me up and hope for the best.”

Curran hopes to get back into the UFC soon, which would be great for him. Not so much for the local fans that loved seeing him fight at XFO 37. He hopes to be back training by June. Hopefully he’ll fight a few more times locally before heading back to the big show. Here’s the Love fight from XFO 37.

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photo cred: Suckerpunch on Facebook
vid cred: Jens Pulver on Alienware

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