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Body Lock and American Predator Fighting Championship present “Ultimate Battleground” at the Melrose Park Civic Center in Lemont on February 19th, 2011. Here is the latest fight card for the event.

Pedro Velassco (No Com) 10-6 155lbs vs. Jordin Hinman (APF) 12-5 155lbs

Jung Nguyen (HCA) 140lbs 2-0 vs. Jared Karlen (MTC) 140lbs 3-1

Nick Gaynor (DL) 130lbs 2-1 vs. Dimitrius Williams (TopN) 3-2 130lbs

Bryan Lachica (DL) 170, 0-0 vs. Eric Thomas 170 1-1 (APF)

Jason Belyew (HCA) HWT 0-0-1 vs. CJ Herrell 225lbs 1-0 (IFL)

Terry Brennen 103 lbs 0-3 vs. Scottie Forortner (IFL) 135 0-0

Justin Grey (DL) 145lbs 5-2 vs. Jose Levia (DSW) 3-2 145lbs

Michael Graham 3-0 135lbs (SSF) vs. Robbie Sandoval (Top N) 2-1 135lbs

Lucas Gubowski (MTC) 185lbs 3-3 vs. Cory Hall (DL) 4-1

Anthony Desoson (HCA)145lbs 0-0 vs. Jay Jerman(DL)145  1-0

Jose Brizuela (RNecks) 140lbs 0-0 vs. Bek Teslovic (DL) 140 1-0

Rob Lanum 265 SHWT 0-0(IFL) vs. Jaun Grenco (Combat Do) 285lbs 0-0

Daniel Szwab 205 1-0 (MTC) vs. Kyle Harper (Combat Do) 205lbs 0-0

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