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Spring Hll Extreme in Elgin is an outstanding gymnastics training facility with highly regarded program.  But also housed in the SHX complex is a growing martial arts wing featuring Ballistic Fighting Methods and Sharp’s Martial Arts.   Ballistic Fighting Methods is headed by Jeet Kune Do/Kali instructor Nic Farooqui and Sharp’s Martial Arts features an MMA curriculum led by Paul and David Sharp.

Farooqui has learned from some of the biggest names in the JKD circle and is also the founder of “Fighting Chance”, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping women and domestic violence victims learn how to defend themselves.  He’s dedicated to improving and keeping up with the cutting edge of training which has led him to incorporate aspects of Mixed Martial arts into his Ballistic Fighting Methods curriculum.

For more on training with Farooqui check the Spring Hill Extreme website or BallisticFightingMethods.com

For more info on Chicago area Mixed Martial Arts go to ChicagosMMA.com

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