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IgnorantThis may be the start of a new segment here, maybe not. We mostly celebrate and appreciate MMA and all its fans, but sometimes you see something so ridiculous you just have to share with the class.

The Most Ignorant MMA Comment of the Week‘ comes from a reader’s reaction to Ben Fowlkes’ UFC 129 cutlist column at MMA Fighting.

Fowlkes’ column talks about who needs a win most at UFC 129, lest they get the axe from Dana White. It’s good stuff and we enjoy it.

But as good as it was it could not compare to the very first comment left by someone by the name of “tezzdatdue”.

Ignorant MMA Comment of the Week

Yep, those 55,000 fans that are packing the Rogers Centre for a record-breaking UFC event and the millions of GSP fans watching on pay-per-view are all going to cut bait if GSP beats Jake Shields — who hasn’t lost since before tezzdatdue started watching TUF — by decision.

Congrats to tezzdatdude. You sir, have ‘The Most Ignorant MMA Comment of the Week’.

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