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The UFC is soon to have Strikeforce fighters inside their Octagon, so why can’t a UFC fighter find himself a bout in an outside promotion? Such is the case of Chicago’s Dan “Danny Boy” Downes, the UFC lightweight that trains out of Roufusport in Milwaukee.

When we spoke to Downes in February on our pilot for ‘Chicago’s MMA Radio‘, Downes told us that he had not been given a timetable as to when he might fight in the UFC. His last fight was in December, 2010 at the last WEC, where he defeated Tiequan Zhang by unanimous decision.

Downes will be fighting this Friday night — but not for the UFC. He will fight at NAFC: Mayhem, the event promoted by his trainer Duke Roufus. His opponent will be Tory Bogguess. This was all worked out between him and the UFC. But Downes told Pro MMA Now that it is a risky decision.

“I’m always willing to fight anywhere and Duke with my management worked it out with the UFC.”

While the fight may not have been booked by Joe Silva, the result could still impact on the UFC lightweight division as Zuffa contracts allow the organization to cut fighters should they lose a fight.

While unsure about the contractual niceties, Downes admits if he was to lose to Bogguess he couldn’t blame the organization if they cut him.

“There’s a risk of this fight costing me my UFC chance.” However, he believes that fighters have to take risks to succeed. “This is a risky business by its nature and trying to avoid risk is not going to do you much good.”

Tory Bogguess is 10-7 as a pro and lost his two first pro fights to local fighters Mike Lindquist and Chase Beebe. Bogguess has lost 2 of his last 3 fights and hasn’t been out of the first round since 2008.

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