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Georges St. Pierre reports via his Twitter that he can now see again out of his eye, but it is still blurry.

“My medical condition is called Hyphema. My vision is still blurry and my eye sensitive but the blood in my eye has now been absorbed…”

While it’s great to hear that the champ will not have any enduring problems with his eye, he has come under fire for another fight that to some fans seemed like a glorified sparring match. One person even gave him the nickname of “G-Sleepy”.

UFC 129: St-Pierre v ShieldsThe fight with Nick Diaz is the only fight that makes sense at this point. It’s the fight that everyone wants to see and simply put, it’s time that GSP got into an all-out war. Nick Diaz will do that, as he does not settle for non-action in the cage.

There’s nothing at all wrong with how GSP has been dominating his opponents, and he has surely cemented his spot in MMA history as one of the sport’s all-time greats.

But there clearly is another level of engagement, a higher level of dominance that he can attain.

GSP continually talks about how he’s always evolving and getting better as a martial artist. Are we seeing that in the Octagon? What most fans are looking for is a not just a dominant win, but a severe beating or a spectacular finish.

If it seems like GSP’s destruction of BJ Penn was years ago, it because it was. That was the last time GSP did not go to a decision. Winning and retaining your title is great, but we want to see a fight.

That’s why Diaz is the perfect opponent for GSP right now. It will be a fierce battle, whether GSP wants it or not.

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