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Congratulations are in order to all of the local competitors that participated in the NAGA Chicago tournaments on April 30th. Many of the local gyms were well-represented: Team Curran, BIMA Chicago, Torres Martial Arts, Combat Do, Carlson Gracie, Valko BJJ and more. Here are the No-Gi results.

We’ll also have the Gi and team results posted shortly.

Mens NO-GI Absolute Novice
1st PlaceDavid Fischer360 Brasa50
2nd PlaceRobert EngleAtchinson30
3rd PlaceGreg GarnadSpartan Acad.20
Mens NO-GI Absolute Beginner
1st PlaceDan AlbertDino Costeas70
2nd PlaceLogan WestCarlson Gracie50
3rd PlaceJeremiah PollockTeam One30
Mens No-GI Absolute Intermediate
1st PlaceMatt BraxDino Costeas90
2nd PlaceConstantine KanavosCarlson Gracie70
Mens NO-GI Absolute Expert
1st PlaceAndy AckerAlliance150
2nd PlaceSteve ChinoFinney MMA120
3rd PlaceMichael KellyOSW110
Mens NO-GI Novice Fly Weight
1st PlaceFazliga MulabitinovicAbsolute MA50
2nd PlaceOmar RomeroOlypian Centre30
3rd PlaceRobbie StoufieldVaghi20
Mens NO-GI Beginner Fly Weight
1st PlaceKyle CaseyCarlson Gracie70
2nd PlaceDaniel DriscollCarlson Gracie50
3rd PlaceAaron BrooksCarlson Gracie30
Mens NO-GI Intermediate Fly Weight
1st PlaceBart SantiagoCarlson Gracie90
2nd PlaceRonald CarrDefend70
Mens NO-GI Expert Fly Weight
1st PlaceChristian ReynosoValko BJJ120
2nd PlaceBrady SirbenalAlliance90
3rd PlaceJose PerezTorres70
Mens NO-GI Novice Bantam Weight
1st PlaceCarl DeanCarlson Gracie50
2nd PlaceEvan LarrsonMMA Masters Chicago30
3rd PlaceBen DallChicago Fight Club20
Mens NO-GI Beginner Bantam Weight
1st PlaceMark MillareThe Spartan Acad.70
2nd PlaceTim ThielenCurran50
3rd PlaceTimothy IzzoASD30
Mens NO-GI Intermediate Bantam Weight
1st PlaceRick DimitrovChampion JJ90
2nd PlaceDaniel O’ConnorRGDA70
3rd PlaceEric FordMardy’s MA50
Mens NO-GI Novice Feather Weight
1st PlaceMo DadkhahValko50
2nd PlaceMichael Hayden30
3rd PlaceSteven WebberCaralo20
Mens NO-GI Beginner Feather Weight
1st PlaceNick RussoMASH70
2nd PlaceJohn CabaelCurran50
3rd PlaceCody DickersonOFC Grapplers30
Mens NO-GI Intermediate Feather Weight
1st PlaceAlberto RodriguezPete The Greeks90
2nd PlaceOtis CaldwellLeJits70
3rd PlaceAntonio MotaMota50
Mens NO-GI Expert  Feather Weight
1st PlaceKirk TackettDefend120
2nd PlaceJames CarrollBrendin Seguin90
3rd PlaceJosh RoseBrasa70
Mens NO-GI Novice Light Weight
1st PlaceRobert BentlyGracie Barra50
2nd PlaceMitch KazukNIU BJJ Club30
3rd PlaceDuke GarnerCountryside BJJ20
Mens NO-GI Beginner Light Weight
1st PlaceLogan WestCarlson Gracie70
2nd PlaceAlex LagunasCombat Do50
3rd PlaceKevin HooverSDS30
Mens NO-GI Intermediate Light Weight
1st PlaceDan Reimer90
2nd PlaceMarcos OliveresCombat Do70
3rd PlaceKiel McDougalCarlson Gracie50
Mens NO-GI Expert  Light Weight
1st PlacePatrick CurranCurran120
2nd PlaceHeath PedigoVaghi90
3rd PlaceCraig CampbellAlpha One70
Mens NO-GI Novice Welter Weight
1st PlaceRobert WaddellSmash Crew50
2nd PlaceIan ButlerAbsolute MA30
3rd PlaceAidan KlugValko BJJ20
Mens NO-GI Beginner Welter Weight
1st PlaceKevin KruseCarlson Gracie70
2nd PlaceRobbie DraskiIron Dragon50
3rd PlacePhilip SchumacherRelentless BJJ30
Mens NO-GI Intermediate Welter Weight
1st PlaceJames JosephDino Costeas90
2nd PlaceScott GoldbereCurran70
3rd PlaceAdam TherriaultOttamwa MMA50
Mens NO-GI Expert  Welter Weight
1st PlaceJon TutajGracie Barra120
2nd PlaceNate SchutAlliance90
3rd PlaceMichaerl KimberlinNO Ego70
Mens NO-GI Novice Middle Weight
1st PlaceJoe CressmanCarlson Gracie50
2nd PlaceJakob McLemoreAtchinson30
3rd PlaceAlex DiazGracie Barra20
Mens NO-GI Beginner Middle Weight
1st PlaceTim LydigsenForce70
2nd PlaceTimothy WhalenPedro Vianna50
3rd PlaceRalph Davis30
Mens NO-GI Intermediate Middle Weight
1st PlaceBelal MuhammadViteri90
2nd PlaceSteve BenosValko BJJ70
3rd PlaceRyan JensenTorres50
Mens NO-GI Expert  Middle Weight
1st PlaceBlake ChantamBerger MMA120
2nd PlaceAdam FrankowThe Acad.90
Mens NO-GI Novice Light Heavy Weight
1st PlaceJoc TroeschBima Chicago50
2nd PlaceCharles Erickson30
3rd PlaceDavid FischerBrasa 36020
Mens NO-GI Beginner Light Heavy Weight
1st PlaceMatt ReilmanReed Acad.70
2nd PlaceCladiu SzenasiVictory50
3rd PlaceChris FrostmanDdigging Dojo30
Mens NO-GI Intermediate Light Heavy Weight
1st PlaceJohnny RodoglamisValko BJJ90
2nd PlaceBen FarneyCavalo70
3rd PlaceStevan GlodicGracie Barra50
Mens NO-GI Expert  Light Heavy Weight
1st PlaceAndy AckerAlliance120
2nd PlaceBen Sheaffer90
3rd PlaceIan EmmonsReed Acad.70
Mens NO-GI Novice Cruiser Weight
1st PlaceBen HanparianChampion50
2nd PlaceJames SyleOttamwa MMA30
3rd PlaceShawn Duchac20
Mens NO-GI Beginner Cruiser Weight
1st PlaceRicky SzukalaDino Costeas70
2nd PlaceJustin ShelbyLA Boxing50
3rd PlaceKevin Leahy30
Mens NO-GI Intermediate Cruiser Weight
1st PlaceJesse RuegerVaghi90
2nd PlaceRandy PatinoCarlson Gracie70
3rd PlaceTJ PopeCorral MA50
Mens NO-GI Expert  Cruiser Weight
1st PlaceSteve PattersonBrasa120
2nd PlaceSteve CarlHard Drive90
3rd PlaceJohn GallegosChampion JJ70
Mens NO-GI Novice Heavy Weight
1st PlaceCory McNullySmash Crew50
2nd PlaceJason Belyew30
3rd PlaceEdwin GarciaDino Costeas20
Mens NO-GI Beginner Heavy Weight
1st PlaceAdil ShabanClark Gracie70
2nd PlaceJack CrawfordShadow House50
Mens NO-GI Intermediate Heavy Weight
1st PlaceOscar HippAlliance90
2nd PlaceAlex MayGracie Barra70
3rd PlaceChris AlexopoulosSouthside Dojo50
Mens NO-GI Intermediate Heavy Weight
1st PlaceAdam AlbrechtGracie Barra90
2nd PlaceStephen Luster Jr.Carlson Gracie70
3rd PlaceJoseph EgloffChicago Fitness Center50
Mens NO-GI Expert  Heavy Weight
1st PlaceQuinton CollinsShadow House120
2nd PlaceJames LeeTornado JJ90
Mens NO-GI Novice Super Heavy Weight
1st PlaceJosh Estrada50
2nd PlaceRodney MerillatLeJits30
3rd PlaceRyan ThortonTakeo Ryu20
Mens NO-GI Beginner Super Heavy Weight
1st PlaceBrnadon NormanDefend70
2nd PlaceSebastian AntosiewiczChicago Fight Club50
3rd PlaceClint RayDes Moines MMA30
Mens NO-GI Intermediate Super Heavy Weight
1st PlaceJeff BurdorfCarlson Gracie90
2nd PlaceJosh BeischerDefend70
3rd PlaceSamie SabbahPAC MMA50
Mens NO-GI Expert Super Heavy Weight
1st PlacePaul BowersJorge Gurgel120
2nd PlaceMatt GarberBrasa90
Mens NO-GI  Directors Novice Light Weight
1st PlaceMatt Shellabarger3T50
2nd PlaceRobert YoungAlliance30
Mens NO-GI Directors Novice Middle Weight
1st PlaceTony Del AlcazarCarlson Gracie50
2nd PlacePaul Stamps360 Brasa30
3rd PlaceAlan Chajon20
Mens NO-GI Directors Beginner Light Weight
1st PlaceDon HughesSpartan Acad.70
2nd PlaceAnthony KozinaAbsolute MA50
Mens NO-GI Directors Beginner Welter Weight
1st PlaceMichael SykesCarlson Gracie70
2nd PlaceDave WantuRising Sun50
3rd PlaceDarian StaszewskiBrasa 36030
Mens NO-GI Directors Expert Light Weight
1st PlaceSteve GravesVaghi120
2nd PlaceErnie GarciaCombat Do90
Mens NO-GI Directors Beginner Middle Weight
1st PlaceMichael RonnenbergCarlson Gracie70
2nd PlaceBrucenyam Jovoo50
3rd PlaceMike WhelpleyUnited MMA30
Mens NO-GI Directors Beginner Light Heavy Weight
1st PlaceMaurice JaughnTorres70
2nd PlaceRobert AndrewsClub JJ50
Mens NO-GI Directors Beginner Heavy Weight
1st PlaceJames DixonCountryside BJJ70
2nd PlaceDrew CarrCurran50
3rd PlaceMark ForsterWrecking Ball30
Mens NO-GI Directors Intermediate Light Weight
1st PlaceMarcos VargasTorres90
2nd PlaceDarin RockDevore70
Mens NO-GI Directors Intermediate Middle Weight
1st PlaceMarcelo CorpuzWrecking Ball90
2nd PlaceGordy FlynnWarrior Cove70
Mens NO-GI Directors Intermediate Heavy Weight
1st PlaceJohn ShawCurran90
2nd PlaceJimmy BunnLX BJJ70
Mens NO-GI Directors Expert Cruiser Weight
1st PlaceAnthony PorcelliDes Moines MMA120
2nd PlaceKennan CrothersBadgerland90
3rd PlaceBill ShimukAlliance70
Mens NO-GI Directors Expert Middle Weight
1st PlaceAlex MatusovCyclones120
2nd PlaceMike TomInfowars90
Mens NO-GI Directors Expert Heavy Weight
1st PlaceKipp KollarKipp’s Basement120
2nd PlacePeter PolnaruValko BJJ90
3rd PlaceAngelo RiveraCombat Do70
Mens NO-GI Executive Beginner
1st PlaceBobby BirdGarrison MMA50
2nd PlaceJon HoganCarlson Gracie30
Mens NO-GI Executive Expert
1st PlaceJoe FiorentinoTakeo Ryu90
2nd PlaceDavid PetersonXtreme MA70
Masters NO-GI Intermediate Fly Weight
1st PlaceMax Oldenburg90
2nd PlaceCharles KimVaghi70
Masters NO-GI Beginner Feather Weight
1st PlaceFrank BurjanekRelentless BJJ70
2nd PlaceBrent KaperCorral MA30
3rd PlaceJose AlvarezCombat Do20
Masters NO-GI Intermediate Feather Weight
1st PlaceBilly ChiuValko BJJ70
2nd PlaceRichard TobanUF50
3rd PlaceLewis OphemOFC30
Masters NO-GI Beginner Light Weight
1st PlaceTim PilchDion Richardo70
2nd PlaceEric SilberAFMA50
3rd PlaceJose MarquezCombat Do30
Masters NO-GI Expert  Light Weight
1st PlacePaul GonzalezCorral MA120
2nd PlaceRamon SandovalChampion JJ90
3rd PlaceHenery MatamorosCurran70
Masters NO-GI Novice Welter Weight
1st PlacePhillip HazenClark Gracie50
2nd PlaceNathan WeedCarlson Gracie30
3rd PlaceJim SchuttSome Gym20
Masters NO-GI Beginner Welter Weight
1st PlaceJoe FloresSpartan Acad.70
2nd PlaceRoss GavinoCarlson Gracie50
3rd PlaceHugo MartinezWhitewater30
Masters NO-GI Intermediate Welter Weight
1st PlaceJacob BellGracie Barra90
2nd PlaceMatt HillValko BJJ70
3rd PlaceMario MaciasGracie Barra50
Masters NO-GI Novice Middle Weight
1st PlaceBen ShuffainBima Chicago50
2nd PlaceTim HillegondsSome Gym30
Masters NO-GI Beginner Middle Weight
1st PlaceJames FreemanDino Costeas70
2nd PlaceJerell ClarkGracie Barra50
3rd PlaceRon KrierPAC MMA30
Masters NO-GI Intermediate Middle Weight
1st PlaceTodd JavorskiSome Gym90
2nd PlaceDonnell EtienneCorral MA70
3rd PlaceChris GueAVT50
Masters NO-GI Expert Middle Weight
1st PlaceAndre MadizCarlson Gracie120
2nd PlaceMike BudnikSpartan Acad.90
3rd PlaceNate HommeLifetime Fitness70
Masters NO-GI Novice Light Heavy Weight
1st PlaceRichard Dykstra JR.Some Gym50
2nd PlaceEdward YankleFull Mount MMA30
Masters NO-GI Beginner Light Heavy Weight
1st PlaceDan AlbertDino Costeas70
2nd PlaceRaul LunaCarlson Gracie50
3rd PlaceDan SchultzIMAA30
Masters NO-GI Intermediate Light Heavy Weight
1st PlaceJosh HendricksGracie Barra90
2nd PlaceKonstantin DenevBrasa70
3rd PlaceDan AlbertDino Costeas50
Master’s NO-GI Beginner Cruiser Weight
1st PlaceChris GleesonRoufus Sports70
2nd PlaceParrish HartleyTorres50
Masters NO-GI Intermediate Cruiser  Weight
1st PlaceMatthew O’LaughlinCarlson Gracie90
2nd PlaceDennis BixemanChoke U70
3rd PlaceTimothy FitchKrav Maga50
Masters NO-GI Expert Cruiser  Weight
1st PlaceMichael KellyOSW120
2nd PlaceCharles “Dale” BowserWrecking Ball90
3rd PlaceBen LindhoutCarlson Gracie70
Masters NO-GI Novice Heavy  Weight
1st PlaceTony Mann50
2nd PlaceJerry OwenValko BJJ30
Masters NO-GI Beginner Heavy  Weight
1st PlaceJesse O’ConnorKrav Maga70
2nd PlaceDavid SeiberASD50
3rd PlaceRobert De La CruzAlliance30
Masters NO-GI Novice Super Heavy  Weight
1st PlaceTony XadakisMMA Masters Chicago50
2nd PlaceAndrew ThomasLifetime Fitness30
3rd PlaceLeondo PhiferCarlson Gracie20
Masters NO-GI Intermediate Super Heavy Weight
1st PlaceScott PasjaisilRock Brazilian90
2nd PlaceKen SchulmanWrecking Ball70
Masters NO-GI Expert Super Heavy  Weight
1st PlaceAdam O’MalleyCJJMO120
2nd PlaceScott PospisilHawkeye BJJ90
3rd PlaceWalter AlvarengaWrecking Ball70
Masters Womens NO-GI Novice
1st PlaceSara HoldenCarlson Gracie50
2nd PlaceMaria LorenzmaTorres30
Masters Womens NO-GI Beginner
1st PlaceMarjorie DeveriesTorres70
2nd PlaceKim Ackman50
3rd PlaceMelissa ZlatonValko BJJ30
Masters Womens NO-GI Intermediate Fly Weight
1st PlaceJillian TorresTorres90
2nd PlaceAna NievesNew Breed70
Masters Womens NO-GI Intermediate Light Weight
1st PlaceTiffany DorroughGracie Barra90
2nd PlaceCynthia EllsworthDMJJA70
3rd PlaceSabrina BarnettGracie Barra50
Womens NO-GI Novice Fly Weight
1st PlaceKailey ThortonLifetime Fitness50
2nd PlaceMelissa ZlatonValko30
Womens NO-GI Intermediate Fly Weight
1st PlaceJillian JonesTorres90
2nd PlaceEmily BurnsCurran70
Womens NO-GI Novice Light Weight
1st PlaceTamara MaichryeAdventure MMA50
2nd PlaceSandra CornejoTorres30
3rd PlaceBeth GarciaCarlson Gracie20
Womens NO-GI Beginner Light Weight
1st PlaceCristina AnayaTorres70
2nd PlaceSusie WyattFinney’s MMA50
3rd PlaceKarin KarlissanCombat Do30
Womens NO-GI Intermediate Light Weight
1st PlaceMacKenzie WhiteJorge Gurgel90
2nd PlaceTiffaney DorroughGracie Barra70
3rd PlaceApril SepulvedaEKF50
Womens NO-GI Expert Light Weight
1st PlaceLisa De LakosaGracie Barra120
2nd PlaceCarina DammFinney’s MMA90
Womens NO-GI Novice Middle Weight
1st PlacePatricia ThomasKrav Maga50
2nd PlacePricila PernilloTorres30
Womens NO-GI Beginner Middle Weight
1st PlaceKali RobbinsRoufus Sports70
2nd PlaceCarissa SmithAVT50
3rd PlaceSierra RichterMRJJA30
Womens NO-GI Intermediate Middle Weight
1st PlaceRebecca JamesMRJJA90
2nd PlaceJillian KreimanVictory MMA70
Womens NO-GI Novice Light Heavy Weight
1st PlaceEva OrtizCarlson Gracie50
2nd PlaceMario LedezimanTorres30
3rd PlaceLuis OliverCombat Do20
Womens NO-GI Beginner Light Heavy Weight
1st PlaceTiffany SmithTorres70
2nd PlaceChristine RayDes Moines MMA50

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