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Live results for XFO 39. The Vince Ramos vs. Ivan Wolshlager bout has been scatched. Ramos did not make weight according to MMA Recap.

Nick Scotti Vs. Hector Garcia (155)

Garcia KOs Scotti just :13 into round 1. He was out from the power right, but it will be ruled a TKO as the ref was slow to get to him and Garcia landed 2 more before it was waved off. On the way out of the cage, Scotti asked his coach if he was out and his coach said that he was. Good stoppage.

Will Brooks Vs. Bobby Reardanz (155)

Reardanz got off early, landing some head kicks. But Brooks controlled the cage and did more damage as the round went on. He landed a hard knee to the body that felled Reardanz near the end of the round. We score it 10-9 Brooks.

Brooks lands a right cross to start round 2, then drops Reardanz with a knee to the forehead. Brooks is doing what he wants now. 3 straight knees to the head from the clinch spill blood from Reardanz, and Brooks pulls off a power slam that makes the crowd roar. It was all Brooks from pillar to post, I can see if it was scored 10-9, but we score it 10-8.

Round 3 begins with another barrage from Brooks. A right cross drops Reardanz and Brooks smothers him. This needs should be stopped, as any contact sends Reardanz to the ground. Brooks gets full mount and mixes elbows and punches. They roll a bit and Brooks grabs an arm and submits Reardanz. Amazing performance by Brooks, with props to Reardanz for his courage. Brooks via tap/armbar at 3:22.

Kent Rexford Jr. Vs. P.J. Cajigas (190)

Rexford got his eye dotted early in the round, but then took control. He spent most of the round on top, doing damage with elbows and strikes. He took Cajigas’ back near the end of round 1 and choked him out at 4:47.

Michele Gutierrez Vs. Amanda LaVoy

Gutierrez is landing power rights, dropping LaVoy to the canvas twice. LaVoy remains game, and tries to clinch and throw knees. Nothing connects cleanly. But LaVoy does recover to make it an interesting round, and almost closes Gutierrez’ left eye. Still, 10-9 Gutierrez.

Round 2 begins and Gutierrez’ eye gets busted open and she is leaking badly. The ref stops the fight and calls for the doctor. The end comes at :24 as the doctor calls the fight. LaVoy wins by TKO, and tells me as she leaves the cage that the it was her knee that opened the gash on Gutierrez’ forehead.

Dan Stittgen Vs. Jason “Reaper” Graves

The fighters battle for position and Stittgen is able to roll into an armbar. It’s quick work as Graves has to tap. 1:10 of round 1.

Jon Murphy Vs. Lucas Gwaltney

Murphy dominated round 1 with takedowns and punishment from top position. He trapped Murphy’s arm across his own face and dropped some big bombs that bloodied Gwaltney’s face. We have it 10-9 Murphy.

Round 2 is action-packed with some excellent scrambles. Murphy is on the hunt for more takedowns, but Gwaltney counters with elbows to keep him off his back. Gwaltney reverses position an hammerfists Murphy. A brief doctor stoppage to check Gwaltney’s bloodied face, but action resumes.

Gwaltney lands a body kick that hurts Murphy. Jeff Curran calling for Murphy to set up his shots because Gwaltney knows they are coming. Gwaltney ends the round with a catch and it’s his round, 10-9. Awesome bout.

3rd round is full of action again, with Murphy getting takedowns but Gwaltney countering with unorthodox strikes. It goes the distance though, and the crowd boos as Gwaltney gets the UD, 29-28 across all 3 cards.

Daniel Aguirre Vs. TJ Kinney (135)

Aguirre — behind the biggest fanbase of the night — wastes no time in getting Kinney to the ground. He locks in a triangle, adjusts in several times and finally gets a tap at 2:20 of round 1. The cageside doctor was screaming to stop the fight as Kinney appeared totally out, but after the fight was stopped he popped right up to his feet. Very strange.

Mike Stumpf Vs. Dan Bolden

Spirited grappling between the 2 combatants that goes to the scorecards. Mike Stumpf controlled the pace and the cage and wins via unanimous decision.

Felice “Lil Bulldog” Herrig Vs. Nicdali “The Night Queen” Rivera-Calanoc

Three rounds of gritty grappling between Felice Herrig and Nicdali Rivera-Calanoc. Neither fighter did much damage, but Herrig controlled the bout in all three rounds. She wins it by unanimous decision.

Jamie Varner Vs. Tyler “Tyrant” Combs

Varner wastes little time getting back on a win streak. He defeats Combs with a North-South choke at just 1:30 of round 1.

Jeff “Big Frog” Curran Vs. Billy Vaughan

Curran the busier fighter, and lands more meaningful shots in all 3 rounds. He catches Vaughan in a guillotine near the end of round 1, but Vaughan wriggles loose. Curran wins via unanimous decision, 30-27 across the board.

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