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Five Questions with UFC’s Dan Downes


UFC The Ultimate Fighter Finale 13

When Jonathan Brookins pulled out of his TUF finale fight with Jeremy Stephens, Chicago’s Dan Downes stepped up to take the fight on short notice.

Downes and Roufusport teammate Anthony Pettis will both be fighting at the event, and Downes was kind enough to answer a few pre-fight questions.

You tweeted that you were in weight cut mode this week for your fight with Jeremy Stephens at the TUF Finale on Saturday. Since you just fought in Milwaukee, was this an easy cut?

Dan DownesGetting the fight right off a recent win made this cut easy compared to previous ones.  Thankfully, I exercised some self-control after my NAFC win and didn’t fall off the wagon and go crazy with booze and fried food.

Anything in particular you were working on with Duke for Stephens (that you care to reveal)?

Dan DownesDon’t want to give away the gameplan, but I’ve been working a variety of different things for this fight.  I’m becoming a more well rounded MMA fighter and I plan on showing that June 4th and in my future fights. What I CAN tell you, though, is that you probably won’t see me jumping off the cage and flipping around like Anthony Pettis.  A real fighter knows his limits.

Stephens did a vlog where Danny Castillo and him were looking at your pic on the internet. They made it seem like they didn’t know who you were. The only thing Stephens said was that he was “gonna whoop this fool.” Do you pay any attention to this type of talk?

Dan DownesNah, I don’t worry about those things.  I’m a professional and I don’t need extra motivation to get things done.  Plus, I know with a lot of smack talk it’s only false bravado to try to hype things up.  I don’t take it personally.  Business is business.  If I paid attention to all the negative comments I’d have even lower self-esteem than I already do.  I need all I can spare.

Predictions for your fight or for your teammate Anthony Pettis vs. Clay Guida?

Dan DownesThe real winners here will be the fans. I expect a fast paced exciting fight.  Clay is a great fighter, but in my opinion, Anthony has a lot more weapons at his disposal and his versatility will confuse and ultimately beat Guida.

Thanks and best wishes on the fight!

Dan DownesThanks!  Looking forward to having a post fight victory interview!

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