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BRVRY Apparel & Gear Interview



Chicago’s MMA reporter Tim Stroud sat down with Troy Maddox of BRVRY Apparel & Gear. BRVRY is an up and coming apparel & gear brand based in Central Illinois. Maddox is the owner/creator/artist of BRVRY, and he talks about the company and its future.

Tim Stroud: Tell me a little about BRVRY and how it was created.

Troy Maddox: It started out as an idea a few years ago. The name just came to me and after thinking of a particular selling market, it just made sense. I really didn’t come up with a strong design idea until getting into the show, ‘Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory’. That’s how I came up with the extreme sports design concept.

Tim: What kind of merchandise does BRVRY offer?

BRVRY "Shove It"Troy: Right now BRVRY offers men’s and women’s t-shirts, custom vinyl graphics kits for ATV’s and dirt bikes, and accessories, such as die-cut vinyl stickers.

Tim: Is there anything new coming soon?

Troy: There will be hats available in the very near future, along with plenty of other products, including hoodies and fight shorts.

Tim: I’m aware that you are looking to sponsor MMA fighters. What about BRVRY fits with the MMA audience?

Troy: I try and stay with an edgy, aggressive, but different design style with all of BRVRY apparel, which should appeal to a lot of MMA and extreme sport fans.

Tim: Who is your favorite MMA fighter(s) right now?

Troy: I would have to say that my favorite fighters right now are Jon Jones, Mike Swick and Georges St. Pierre.

Tim: Are you looking to sponsor anyone other than MMA fighters? If so, who?

Troy: Yes, I’m looking to eventually sponsor many different extreme sport athletes, i.e. skateboarders and dirt riders (ATV, motocross).

Tim: How can people contact you about getting sponsored by BRVRY?

Troy: For information on sponsorship, you can contact me at gotvtec4@hotmail.com.

BRVRY "Adrenaline"Tim: I’ve noticed that people can purchase apparel & gear online. Is there any other location where your gear is available?

Troy: I do have an online store at BRVRY.com. As of right now, there is just one retail shop that sells BRVRY gear and that place is SnakeSkin Tattoo in Decatur, IL.

Tim: Is there anything else that you would like our readers to know about BRVRY?

Troy: For anyone out there looking for a unique, positive, always fresh apparel company, have a look at BRVRY Apparel & Gear!

Tim: Thank you for your time and best of luck.

Troy: Thanks and don’t forget to follow BRVRY on Facebook.

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