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NAGA Midwest No-Gi Results


NAGA Midwest 2011Congratulations to all the competitors and teams/schools of the most recent NAGA Midwest event held on August 27 & 28 in East Chicago, Indiana. Here are the no-gi results.

Mens NO-GI Absolute Novice
1st PlaceJohn Mejia10th Planet50
2nd PlaceMatt Leonard30
3rd PlaceBrad Davies20
Mens NO-GI Absolute Beginner
1st PlaceRobert SnarykAndre70
2nd PlaceVannak KhievThe Olympian Center50
3rd PlaceMike O’ConnorCarlson Gracie30
Mens NO-GI Absolute Intermediate
1st PlaceTrevor ProszekGilbert Grappling90
2nd PlaceAdrian PetersWoodys Dojo70
3rd PlaceRaul LunaCarlson Gracie50
Mens NO-GI Absolute Expert
1st PlaceAnthony GomezTorres150
2nd PlaceBrian Wesley130
3rd PlaceLucas LopezFinneys MMA110
Mens NO-GI Beginner Fly Weight
1st PlaceCarl DeanCarlson Gracie70
2nd PlaceMikeal David Wood Jr.Carlson Gracie50
3rd PlaceNick WeberUnited MA30
Mens NO-GI Intermediate Fly Weight
1sty PlaceAlex HodiCaique90
2nd PlaceSam JordanAndres MMA70
Mens NO-GI Novice Bantam Weight
1st PlaceAndrew HenchenATT50
2nd PlaceMark Foster30
3rd PlaceJohn NguyenEKF20
Mens NO-GI Beginner Bantam Weight
1st PlaceAaron BrooksCarlson Gracie70
2nd PlaceAndrew HaenchenATT50
3rd PlaceTaylor Craig10th Planet30
Mens NO-GI Intermediate Bantam Weight
1st PlaceKyle CaseyCarlson Gracie90
2nd PlaceMario GaorTeam 3T70
3rd PlaceAzarnat ShogenobEKE50
Mens NO-GI Expert Bantam Weight
1st PlaceJose PerezTorres120
2nd PlaceRamsey RegaldoDino Costeas90
3rd PlaceBrian Stuebner10th Planet70
Mens NO-GI Novice Feather Weight
1st PlaceSebastian GarnerCountryside BJJ50
2nd PlaceMatt Leonard30
3rd PlaceEvan CooperATT20
Mens NO-GI Beginner Feather Weight
1st PlaceMo DadkhahValko BJJ70
2nd PlaceAaron Burkhart50
3rd PlaceBill ElamReed Acad. Of MA30
Mens NO-GI Intermediate Feather Weight
1st PlaceZachary BrauerVaghi Warrior Cove90
2nd PlaceKiel McDougallCarlson Gracie70
3rd PlaceDavid KlutheRoseberry MAC50
Mens NO-GI Expert  Feather Weight
1st PlaceDanny RodriguezOttawa MMA120
2nd PlaceAlberto RodriguezPete The Greek90
3rd PlaceJohn LawrencePedro Vianna70
Mens NO-GI Novice Light Weight
1st PlaceJoao SantosFinneys MMA50
2nd PlaceChris JakubiakCarlson Gracie30
3rd PlaceMatt HeintzmanClark Gracie20
Mens NO-GI Beginner Light Weight
1st PlaceMatthew PedrosaConviction70
2nd PlaceAlex Medina10th Planet50
3rd PlaceNick CampbellTorres30
Mens NO-GI Intermediate Light Weight
1st PlaceOrlando PeacePrecision Combat70
2nd PlaceLeonardo CaldasFinneys MMA50
3rd PlaceJohan GalehdariMN Militia30
Mens NO-GI Expert  Light Weight
1st PlaceJessi MartinCarlson Gracie120
2nd PlaceJames CarrowCarlson Gracie90
3rd PlaceDerek GetzelMcCunes MA70
Mens NO-GI Novice Welter Weight
1st PlaceDaniel MoralesCarlson Gracie50
2nd PlaceDon LoycockMMA Stop30
3rd PlaceAriel HernandezCountryside BJJ20
Mens NO-GI Beginner Welter Weight
1st PlaceRobert SnrzykAndre70
2nd PlaceNick UrbanskiVillain50
Mens NO-GI Intermediate Welter Weight
1st PlaceJordan LewisVaghi90
2nd PlaceZach HanselDragon Fly70
3rd PlaceCorey BlaiseAndres MMA50
Mens NO-GI Expert  Welter Weight
1st PlaceDavid GamcCaique120
2nd PlaceJon TutajTutaj90
3rd PlaceBryan WelschChampion Fitness70
Mens NO-GI Novice Middle Weight
1st PlaceTom ShoaffCarlson Gracie50
2nd PlaceFrancisco RamierezCombat DO30
3rd PlaceJose RamierezCombat DO20
Mens NO-GI Beginner Middle Weight
1st PlaceKyler CookArsenal MA70
2nd PlaceJohsua CookArsenal MA50
3rd PlaceKenneth ClayTypoon MAA30
Mens NO-GI Intermediate Middle Weight
1st PlaceSteve BenosValko BJJ90
2nd PlaceChris BergquistBrasa70
3rd PlaceIsaac HerzogWarriors Alliance50
Mens NO-GI Expert  Middle Weight
1st PlaceDaniel WanderleyCarlson Gracie120
2nd PlaceAndre MadizCarlson Gracie90
3rd PlaceLaurence DunningValko BJJ70
Mens NO-GI Novice Light Heavy Weight
1st PlaceBrandon LaffinWarrior Alliance50
2nd PlaceDavid BernhardtLecuyer MA30
Mens NO-GI Beginner Light Heavy Weight
1st PlaceDavid BoothHouse of MA70
2nd PlaceJoe GoodwinCombat DO50
3rd PlaceChris PoloCarlson Gracie30
Mens NO-GI Intermediate Light Heavy Weight
1st PlaceMatthew TiemanCarlson Gracie90
2nd PlacePawel BelzowskiCarlson Gracie70
3rd PlaceKelsoy KitowskiLCCT50
Mens NO-GI Expert  Light Heavy Weight
1st PlaceMark VvjovicCarlson Gracie120
2nd PlaceJarrett HageneGracie Barra90
3rd PlaceLuke PophamWarriors Alliance70
Mens NO-GI Novice Cruiser Weight
1st PlaceJoel KendellenLCCT50
2nd PlaceGeorgr ZakalyginEKF30
3rd PlaceJon Aguda20
Mens NO-GI Beginner Cruiser Weight
1st PlaceRyan KlineTriton Acad.70
2nd PlaceRobert LancasterEast Coast BJJ50
3rd PlaceKevin LeachyDino Costeas30
Mens NO-GI Intermediate Cruiser Weight
1st PlaceAdli ShabanClark Gracie90
2nd PlaceKyle HarpertCombat DO70
Mens NO-GI Expert  Cruiser Weight
1st PlaceJeff WenstromCarlson Gracie120
2nd PlaceAlexander ElsenTorres90
3rd PlaceCody SkidmoreMIKA70
Mens NO-GI Novice Heavy Weight
1st PlaceBill BrownTeam Tight Choke50
2nd PlaceJacob Grant10th Planet30
3rd PlaceJohn CastilloPAC MMA20
Mens NO-GI Beginner Heavy Weight
1st PlaceJosh Estrada70
2nd PlaceMatt WinnellTeam Tight Choke50
3rd PlaceDomingo CarrenzaTorres30
Mens NO-GI Novice Super Heavy Weight
1st PlaceMike LlerenTight Choke50
2nd PlaceRobert PedrosaConviction30
Mens NO-GI Beginner Super Heavy Weight
1st PlaceRyan ThortonTakeo RYU70
2nd PlaceJoe LaGrowTeam Tight Choke50
3rd PlaceMatthew FortMiltietch Fighting Systems30
Mens NO-GI Expert  Super Heavy Weight
1st PlaceAnthony GomezTorres120
2nd PlaceMike YeomansCarlson Gracie90
3rd PlaceThor KristutekDino Costeas70
Mens NO-GI Directors Beginner Light Weight
1st PlaceMichael SykesCarlson Gracie70
2nd PlaceBobby OpheimOFC50
3rd PlaceMatt Shellabarger3T30
Mens NO-GI Directors Novice Middle Weight
1st PlaceKevin MooreCarlson Gracie50
2nd PlaceMark ItellTeam Corral30
3rd PlaceJerry BeebeOFC20
Mens NO-GI Directors Beginner Middle Weight
1st PlaceScott DiveneyCarlson Gracie70
2nd PlaceTroy WilliamsHouse of MA50
3rd PlaceMike O’ConnorCarlson Gracie20
Mens NO-GI Directors Expert Light Weight
1st PlaceNick PollaroPollaro120
2nd PlaceDonnell EtienneTeam Corral90
3rd PlaceChris MikutaAXT70
Mens NO-GI Directors Expert Middle Weight
1st PlaceRoberto RamierezChicago Fight Team120
2nd PlacePeter PoenaruValko BJJ90
3rd PlaceTony PattiTeam Tight Choke70
Mens NO-GI Executives Intermediate
1st PlaceGordy FlamWarrior Cove90
2nd PlaceTerry Harris70
Masters NO-GI Intermediate Feather Weight
1st PLaceBill NovakGlen Hudson90
2nd PlaceArturo LedezmaTorres70
Masters NO-GI Novice Light Weight
1st PlaceQuentin ParkCarlson Gracie50
2nd PlaceGiang NguyenThe Olympian Center30
Masters NO-GI Beginner Light Weight
1st PlaceEric SiblerAFMA Team Jenson70
2nd PlaceAndy KangGracie Barra50
Masters NO-GI Intermediate Light Weight
1st PlaceHector VargasCountryside BJJ90
2nd PlaceEric JacksonAbsolute MA70
3rd PlaceKeith LoudenberTeam Corral50
Masters NO-GI Beginner Welter Weight
1st PlaceVannak KhievThe Olympian Center70
2nd PlaceNick UrbanskiTeam Villian50
3rd PlaceMannuel RuizPowersouce30
Masters NO-GI Intermediate Welter Weight
1st PlaceKaelum KalistaTeam Corral90
2nd PlaceAnthony SpringmanThe War Room70
3rd PlaceChris CortezTeam Corral50
Masters NO-GI Beginner Middle Weight
1st PlaceFabian JimenezTeam Corral70
2nd PlaceRaul LunaCarlson Gracie50
3rd PlaceMike BayleyCarlson Gracie30
Masters NO-GI Novice Light Heavy Weight
1st PlaceDan BukowskiCarlson Gracie50
2nd PlaceJerry ZakCarlson Gracie30
3rd PlaceChris GosselinValko BJJ20
Masters NO-GI Novice Cruiser Weight
1st PlaceMatt CollinsAbsolute MA50
2nd PlaceStuart DiamondReed Acad. Of MA30
Masters NO-GI Expert Cruiser  Weight
1st PlaceBrock LarsonWarriors Alliance120
2nd PlaceBranden NoetzelWarrior Alliance90
3rd PlaceLeandro ValezzRandori Brasa70
Masters NO-GI Novice Heavy Weight
1st PlaceMitchell DayConviction50
2nd PlaceJeff DeroySt Charles30
Masters NO-GI Beginner Heavy Weight
1st PlaceEddie CooperDes Moines MMA70
2nd PlaceBill MarcumCarlson Gracie50
3rd PlaceTrip SmallCarlson Gracie30
Masters NO-GI Expert Super Heavy Weight
1st PlaceAdli ShabanClark Gracie120
2nd PlaceJohn GloverPollaro90
Womens NO-GI Masters Novice
1st PlaceMaria CruzTorres50
2nd PlaceSandra CornejoTorres30
3rd PlaceEleanor SmallCarlson Gracie20
Womens NO-GI Beginner Fly Weight
1st PlaceSusie WyattFinneys MMA70
2nd PlaceChristianna DanielsScarred Fight Team50
Womens NO-GI Intermediate Fly Weight
1st PlaceCassie RodishPrecision Combat90
2nd PlaceJennifer AnianoCarlson Gracie70
3rd PlaceMarjorie DevriesTorres
Womens NO-GI Beginner Light Weight50
1st PlaceCristina AnayaTorres70
2nd PlaceOlga PavlovitchDino Costeas50
Womens NO-GI Intermediate Liglt Weight
1st PlaceAbby BorkCarlson Gracie90
2nd PlaceLarissa TozzziFinneys MMA70
3rd PlaceApril SepulvedaEKF30
Womens NO-GI Novice Middle Weight
1st PlaceAmanda Olegarz50
2nd PlaceMichelle MenneAndres Acad30
3rd PlaceRachel HerbertKrav Maga IL20
Womens NO-GI Beginner Middle Weight
1st PlaceOlga PavlovitchDino Costeas70
2nd PlaceDakota DillardAndres MMA50
3rd PlaceKrystal MckenzieCarlson Gracie30
Womens NO-GI Novice Light Heavy Weight
1st PlaceLaura PaineDes Moines MMA50
2nd PlaceAlexis Hirsch30
3rd PlaceStephanie PalmerKrav Maga IL20
Womens NO-GI Intermediate Light Heavy Weight
1st PlaceJillian KreimanVictory MMA90
2nd PlaceSandy DamianiTorres70
3rd PlaceTiffney SmithTorres50

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