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BJ Penn: The Road to UFC 137


BJ Penn

Here’s an excellent look inside BJ Penn’s training camp heading into his UFC 137 bout against Nick Diaz.

RVCA | BJ PENN THE ROAD TO UFC 137 from RVCA on Vimeo.

I think most fans enjoy watching this kind of short-form documentary. It’s not all in your face with music and effects, just a well-produced piece about one of the all-time greats in MMA. And you actually learn something and get to go behind the scenes.

I remember hearing about the change from Penn/Condit to Penn/Diaz and thinking that the Diaz bout would be even more exciting than Penn/Condit. But BJ takes us inside his thought process during the change in opponents, at first unsure if it is even legal, let alone something he wants. He also first heard about it from someone other than the UFC.

So now fans get the best of both worlds with GSP vs. Condit for the UFC welterweight title and then BJ Penn vs. Nick Diaz, a bout that could turn out the next challenger for the welterweight belt. Of course, if Condit beats GSP you would think that GSP will get a rematch right away. But still, how awesome would it be to score some UFC tickets to see that event? Not only do we get those two bouts, but also Roy Nelson vs. Cro Cop and Matt Mitrione vs. Cheick Kongo.

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