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Don’t Be Scared, Homie: GSP’s Shaky Hands


GSP's Shaky Hands

Nick Diaz had some choice words for Georges St. Pierre after battering BJ Penn on his way to victory at UFC 137, calling him out and taunting him. What he said to GSP was basically nonsense, but it didn’t make it any less fun. GSP’s reaction was classic. Here’s the gif, thanks to the UG.

As one of the people in the forum said, if Diaz wanted to fight GSP so badly all he had to do was show up to a press conference. It’s all moot now. Dana White has announced that GSP will indeed fight Nick Diaz, with Condit fighting on the same card. “We spoke about it and if he wins, he will fight the winner of Diaz and GSP,” Dana White said.

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