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Keith Wisniewski: I Could Have Continued


Keith Wisniewski

Keith Wisniewski made his return to the UFC against Josh Neer at UFC Live: Cruz vs. Johnson, losing via TKO after doctor stoppage due to cuts.

Wisniewski, from Munster and fighting out of Duneland Vale Tudo, landed his share of shots against Neer, but Neer’s inside elbows tore up Wisniewski’s face.

Keith Wisniewski vs. Josh Neer

After the first round, Neer told his corner that he thought Wisniewski broke his ribs after a hard body shot, but he continued on. He proceeded to land the elbows that would stop the fight in round two. Wisniewski wanted to keep fighting.

“I thought that I could have continued and both myself and my cornerman lobbied the doctor to allow the fight to continue,” Wisniewski told Chicago’s MMA. “I felt that the doctor didn’t take a very close look at the cuts before deciding to stop the fight, as he made the call without ever coming over to me to actually inspect the cuts. That being said, I took over 20 stitches total on four different cuts and two staples on my scalp. The cut over my left eye was long and fairly deep. I’d like to have seen the fight continue, but it’s hard to argue that the doctor decision to stop the bout didn’t have any merit.”

While Wisniewski wanted to press on, he realized that even if the fight did continue he was likely down two rounds to Neer. And while Neer may have cut him up with elbows, it may have looked worse than it was.

“I was still very clear headed and feeling surprisingly fresh going into the third round and feel that I would have been able to push a harder pace in that round. It may not have been enough to win the fight as I was likely down two rounds to none, but I would have liked that opportunity.

Will we get to see Wisniewski in The Octagon again? “I am still under contract and was given the impression that I would be given another bout in the UFC.”

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