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Felice Herrig Loses at XFC 15


Felice Herrig XFC 15

Felice Herrig had her winning streak stopped on Friday night in Florida, losing via unanimous decision to Carla Esparza.

In the first round, Herrig was repeatedly taken down by the powerful wrestler. Esparza had little trouble getting Herrig to the mat, scoring four takedowns and doing some damage on the ground.

Between rounds 1 and 2, the crowd groaned at the sight of the massive hematoma on Herrig’s forehead as she was tended to by trainer Jeff Curran.

Round 2 was much of the same for Herrig, as Esparza’s well-timed shots were once again able to get Herrig to ground, where she spent much of the round. Herrig’s guard was active, and she did not incur much damage at all in the round, but it was clear that Esparza had won the round.

Round 3 started with Herrig looking for a double-leg on Esparza, which was surprising. She did ultimately secure the takedown after a short battle against the cage, but Esparza reversed position and ended up on top.

Felice Herrig vs. Carla Esparza XFC 15

Herrig was able to get some sub attempts in the round, at one point having Esparza in trouble with a triangle and reverse-side armbar. But Esparza was able to escape and re-establish top position. The fight was stood up by the referee with :30 seconds to go. Herrig landed a flurry of shots, including a hard kick to Esparza’s face, but time was short, and the bell sounded.

Esparza took the decision on all of the judges cards. She told Frank Trigg in a post-fight interview how she was able to dominate with her wrestling. “I’ve been on the mat for years,” Esparza said. “I put the work in, I put the time in, and it shows.”

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