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King Mo KO’s Larkin, Rips Ref Winslow


King Mo needed just one minute and thirty-two seconds to put away dynamic striker Lorenz Larkin on Saturday night. King Mo had little problem scooping up Larkin and tossing him to the mat. Then he administered a beating on Larkin, one that he thinks shouldn’t have been as bad as it was. He thought referee Kim Winslow’s stoppage was entirely too late, and let her know about it in the cage.

Here’s a gif of the final moments:

In the post-fight interview with Mauro Ranallo, King Mo said he respected Winslow’s decision after speaking with her about the stoppage. Apparently he had a change of heart, as he ripped Winslow in an interview with MMA Junkie:

“I’m going to put it like this: The commission, they need to do something with [Winslow],” Lawal said. “Let her take a fight or something and give her a bad ref.”

“Let [Winslow] fight ‘Cyborg,’ and let’s do a late stoppage with her,” Lawal said. “I watched her almost get Jan Finney killed by ‘Cyborg.’ I think maybe the tables need to be turned. Put me in there as a ref, and I’ll just do a terrible job like her.”

The image above clearly shows nine strikes from King Mo that are barely contested. On some of them his arms are completely down. It’s definitely one of the worst late stoppages I’ve seen.

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  1. Roxanne Harris

    Oct 17, 2012 at 7:42 pm

    The more i look at that fight the more i understand how many times he was actually hit. I was there making my way from the balcony to the cage .Thank god it was over you may have seen a brand new fight. I”m not putting her down but if someone hands are down. Call The Fight. I love mma there are some good ref out there.Not saying she not just not that fight 5 hits to late. But Im over it my son is ok and.we move on to the next fight. Hopefully she is more aware to move around the cage to get a better angels.To keep the fighter safe from danger.

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