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APFC: MMA at the Max 2 Results


Results for American Predator Fighting Championship: MMA at the Max 2 in McCook, Il on Saturday, March 3, 2012.


Vazquez got Agushi to the ground early in the round, but wasn’t able to accomplish much from top position. Agushi wrapped up a triangle that nullified any damage Vazquez did in the round.

The same type of struggle ensues in round 2: Vazquez gets Agushi to the ground but spends the majority of the round defending Agushi’s sub attempts. This could be tough to judge. Vazquez is on top, but Agushi is getting offense from his back.

More of the same in round 3. Vazquez gets Agushi to the ground and Agushi works rubber guard nullifying the position. Vazquez’s best round though, landing strikes from the top.

Vazquez takes it 29-28 on all 3 cards, the new lightweight champ.


Over before you could blink. Ryan came out firing and landing. Conway hit the deck, Ryan pounced and landed strike after strike until referee Al Wickers stepped in to stop it. Mike Ryan def. Chris Conway :17 TKO – strikes.


Farbo runs into the cage mean-mugging Reece. Reece smiles. It’s on. Farbo gets the best of Reece in round 1, landing more strikes, including a few solid knees. Reece hangs on to a single for close to two minutes attempting to recover and/or get Farbo to the ground. Farbo has a huge crowd behind him here in McCook.

Round 2 is all Farbo’s again. He gets Reece to the ground and gets a mount, trading that for his back when Reece tries to escape. Reece is clearly gassed. Farbo lands a ton of strikes and it could have been scored a 10-8 round.

Round 3 is rather uneventful. Reece tries to hang on and keep the fight going, but it’s easily Farbo’s round. We have it 30-27. Judges have it unanimously for Farbo, the new APFC Super Heavyweight Champ.


Exciting first round, punctuated by a power slam of Lee by Gee, and some vicious ground and pound by Gee. Lee looked like he might have an armbar on Gee, but it wasn’t tight. Round 1 to Gee.

An insane second round, as Gee bloodies Lee’s face with some devastating punches. He slams Lee again and gets on top to do work, but Lee miraculously locks in a triangle. Gee gets saved by the bell.

Gee landed more shots, the harder shots and the more damaging shots in round 3, much like the first two rounds. We have it 30-27 for Gee. The judges have it 30-27, 30-27, 29-28 for Sean Gee, the new APFC Bantamweight champ.


Arriaga came out with a fury of shots, taking James down and landing more shots, enough that you could see referee Al Wickers pondering stopping it. James tries to escape, but Arriaga works a kimura that looks like it would make most fighters tap. James doesn’t. In fact, he reverses position and gets Arriaga in a guillotine that makes Arriaga go to sleep. Arriaga ends up face flat on the canvas and medical personnel come in to assist him.

James wins the middleweight belt, sub via guillotine at 2:03 of rd. 1.


Fallon Fox shrugs off a quick combo from Fortner to start the fight and power slams Fortner to the ground. From there she achieves mount and starts throwing hands. Fortner tries to sweep, but Fox transitions right into a tight armbar. Fortner tries to fight out of it, but Fox adjusts it and gets the tap at 1:11 of round 1. Fallon Fox is the new APFC women’s lightweight champion.


Sergei Grytsaienko vs Kelan Moore
Absolute war to start the event. Moore impressive in the first, punishing Grytsaienko with heavy knees to the body on the ground. Moore lands a power slam in the second, and Grytsaienko gets a point deducted from a head kick to Moore while he was down.

The fighters go toe to toe and trade huge shots. But Moore got the fight to the ground and held him there for most of the round.

Kelan Moore defeats Sergei Grytsaienko, 30-26, 30-26, 29-27.

Alex Fontanez vs Jeremy Rone
Rone survives a quick flurry from Fontanez to start the fight, gets the fight to the ground and gets mount. He starts landing big shots, and one sends Fontanez’s mouthpiece flying across the cage. A few more of those land and referee Al Wickers waves it off.

Rone defeats Fontanez, 2:42 of rd. 1, ref stoppage – strikes.

Ezykelo Sidney vs Mike Hassett
Zeke Sidney flies to the center of the cage and releases a barrage of shots that drops Hassett to the ground. Hassett recovers just in time, as the ref was ready to stop the bout. Hassett gets Sidney to the mat and sinks in a choke that makes Sidney tap. Amazing comeback win for Hassett. Referee Al Wickers confirms he was very close to stopping the fight in the early moments.

Hassett def. Sidney via tap, RNC, rd.1, 1:05

Dennis Sherman vs Sam Cruz
Sherman lands a high single leg but Cruz still gets him to the ground and gets mount. Sherman escapes, but Cruz gets him back to the ground and this time finishes him with a triangle choke.

Cruz def. Sherman, tap via triangle, 2:39 rd. 1

Fernando Fuentes vs Dylan Wright
Fuentes needs little time getting Wright to the ground. When he does he quickly sinks in hooks and gets the RNC.

Fuentes def. Wright, :53, rd. 1 tap-RNC

Brittney Updike vs Danika Thibault
Two teenage girls take to the cage. The first round was kickboxing with headgear and shin guards. The second round was modified MMA, basically pankration — no strikes to the head. Thibault brought Updike to the ground with a snapdown, and quickly locked in a guillotine.

Thibault def. Updike, tap via guillotine, :25 of rd. 2

Jon Manos vs Stefan Von Aulock
Golden Gloves champ Manos lands his share of shots in round 1, sending Von Aulock to the ground. Manos had top position and did some damage from there, clearly winning round 1.

Manos begins round 2 by landing a solid left hook that sends Von Aulock to the ground. Manos tells referee Al Vickers to let him get up and the fighters reset. Von Aulock gets Manos in loose guillotine to end the round, but Manos was never in danger of being submitted. He had cage aggression and landed more strikes. Another round for Manos.

Von Aulock misses with a spinning back kick and Manos takes him down against the cage. Manos tries to get some ground and pound in, but Von Aulock is defending well from his back. The fighters get stood up and Manos’ single is stuffed by Von Aulock who lands some right hands before the bell sounds. Closer round, but likely goes to Manos.

Manos wins a split decision 30-27 for him on two cards and 29-28 for Von Aulock on one card. Manos gets the win.

Brad Stanton vs Darrell Edmonson

Edmonson uses a variety of strikes and pushes the pace in round 1. Thundering leg kicks and strikes to the head and body, really mixed it up nicely and kept Stanton guessing.

In round 2, Edmonson gets Stanton to the ground and takes his back, landing a barrage of strikes that makes the ref step in and stop it.

Edmonson def. Stanton, TKO- ref stoppage due to strikes, 1:46 of rd. 2

James Yarborough vs Anthony Gasso
Gasso comes out firing away landing big shots, and the ref stops it at just :21 of round 1, Anthony Gasso getting the win via TKO. Special debut for Gasso, winning his first fight in impressive fashion.

John Box vs Josh Polk
Box wastes little time getting Polk to the ground and getting top position. He’s able to keep him there and land enough strikes to make ref Al Wickers step in and stop it. Box def. Polk, TKO-ref stoppage at 1:41, rd. 1

Robbie Draski vs Anthony Milton
Robbie Draski and Anthony Milton come out like the building is on fire and they need to finish the fight in less than a minute. Mission accomplished. They trade shots with Draski getting the better of the exchange, and Milton retreats in a sprint across the cage. Draski follows and lands a body kick, gets Milton to the ground and goes rapid fire with strikes until Al Wickers waves it off.

Draski def. Milton, TKO -ref stoppage due to strikes, :36 of round 1.

Emilis Jaskevicius vs James Brown
I’m pretty sure the crowd was disappointed that James Brown did not walk out to music by James Brown. Maybe Emilis Jaskevicius was too, because he wrapped up Brown in triangle and Brown tapped. Jaskevicius def. Brown, tap via triangle choke, :44 of rd. 1.

Otis Brumfield vs Dustin Stusse
A bit of a controversial fight as Stusse takes Brumfield down and locks in a very tight armbar. It appears to the ref that Brumfield taps, and the ref stops the fight. Brumfield gets up and is furious, screaming that he didn’t tap.

Stusse said he felt Brumfield’s arm pop and felt him tap. Whatever the case, Stusse gets the win, sub via armbar at 1:14 of round 1.

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