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XFO 43 Results


Results from XFO 43 at the Copernicus Center in Chicago, Il on Friday, April 13, 2012.

Daniel Vizcaya (Full Mount MMA) vs Brandon DelPrado (Team Colon)
Vizcaya gets the early takedown and gets DelPrado’s back. He’s working patiently, looking for openings to strike. Vizcaya is able to get full mount, but DelPrado is ablr to turn into him. Vizcaya still has DelPrado’s back. Outstanding round for Vizcaya.

Vizcaya again seems quicker to the punch in round 2. The fighters exchange and Vizcaya lands a double that puts DelPrado on his back again. Vizcaya again gets full mount and is raining down blows. It looks as if he might finish, but DelPrado hangs in there.

But Vizcaya opens up DelPrado and is able to finally sink in the rear naked, finishing him in dominating fashion. The end comes at 1:43 of round 2, with Vizcaya the winner.

Andrew Krzeptowski vs Lawrence Dunning (Team Curran)
Amazing back and forth battle that goes the distance. All three judges score it 29-28 for Krzeptowski. Dunning looks stunned at the decision, but it’s probably the right call. Krzeptowski did more damage and also landed cleaner shots, more effective striking. Still, excellent effort by both fighters.

Daniel Aguirre (Team No Ego) vs Justin Robbins (Fiore MMA)
Aguirre takes the center of the cage and starts firing. About three minutes in Aguirre lands some solid shots but Wood hangs in there. But Aguirre commandeered the cage, pushed the pace and landed more shots. He wins the round.

Halfway through round 2 Aguirre starts connecting and the accumulation of shots are starting to add up. Robbins seems to have slowed but he gets side mount on Aguirre as the action hits the ground. Aguirre is able to pull guard.

In round 3 Aguirre gets the fight to the ground and lands some major strikes on Robbins, cutting him open. Robbins is leaking on the mat and Aguirre continues to pound. Aguirre finds an opening and sinks in the rear naked, finishing him 2:47 of round 3, tap due to rnc. Aguirre tells cage announcer Ray Flores, “Hopefully soon I’ll be fighting on TV.”

Rafal Skibinski (Gilbert Grappling/MTC) vs Jason Graves (Reaper MMA)
Graves comes out firing and drops Skibinski within the first :10 of the fight. Graves almost finishes him, but Skibinski survives. Graves has full mount though and goes to work. He looks up at the ref as if to tell him he should stop it, but then Skibinski sweeps him. Graves gets cut and the ref stops the action to bring in the doctor, who stops the fight. It’s an interesting call as the cut id underneath the eye. Skibinski gets the win via doctor stoppage, at 2:13 of round 1. Crazy, crazy fight.

Christian Reynoso (Team Curran/Valko BJJ) vs Brandon Wood (Fiore MMA)

Wood shows good power early, but it doesn’t seem to bother Reynoso. But then Wood lands a shot that drops Reynoso, and he finishes him with a few hammer fists before the ref stops the bout. 2:39 of round 1, TKO via strikes.

Mike Santiago (Team Top Notch) vs Tory Bogguess

Bogguess comes out and lands a leg kick, then grabs Santiago’s neck and drops him to the ground. It’s super tight, and Santiago goes out. Bogguess def. Santiago, :32 of round 1, technical submission via guillotine.

Adam Ward (Gilbert Grappling) vs Bobby Ferrier

Ferrier did not make weight, so Gilbert Grappling’s Ward will have a nicer payday for this bout. He starts the fight with a heavy leg kick and is the aggressor early and often. He moves Ferrier up against the cage and lands a knee to the body. Ferrier throws a flurry of punches, but Ward takes him down and gets his right arm under Ferrier’s chin. He finishes him from there. 2:23, of round 1, Ward def. Ferrier via RNC.

Joey Diehl (Team Curran) vs Josh Killion

Diehl gets Killion’s back early and starts landing strikes, looking to work a choke in the process. It’s all Doehl — rapid-firing strikes and then look for a hold after softening Killion up. Near the end of the round, Killion reverses, but it’s surely Diehl’s round.

Killion starts the round by pushing Diehl up against the cage, then getting Diehl to the ground. Diehl gives up his back in an effort to escape and Killion makes him pay for that, connecting with some right hands. Eventually he sinks in the choke and Diehl has to tap.

3:10 of round 2, Killion def. Diehl, tap via RNC.

Andre Feliciano (MTC) vs Jerald Williams (Team No Ego)

Both fighters making their pro debuts.Both fighters pushing the pace. Williams lands strieks early but Feliciano gets the fight to the ground and has an arm triangle sunk in. But he can’t finish. Exciting first round.

Rounds 2 & 3 are filled with grappling, and Feliciano controls the action as well as position. It goes to the judge’s scorecards, and Andre Feliciano def. Jerald Williams via unanimous decision.

Phil Williams (Team Curran) vs James Smith

Pro debut for Team Curran’s Phil Williams. Williams wastes no time getting the fight to the ground and takes Smith’s back. Williams lifts up Smith and power slams him to the mat, the crowd roaring its approval. Smith gets up and flips Williams, but Williams recovers and takes his back. Williams lands a few shots to the face and finally sinks in the choke. Smith taps, writhing in pain on the mat. Williams def. Smith via- RNC, 2:56 of rd. 1.

Damian Norris (MTC) vs Jordan Griffin (Team Serrano)

Norris’ first pr round of MMA is a good one, getting the best of the striking exchanges and easily winning the round. In round 2 Norris lands more strikes and almost catches Griffin in a triangle and a rnc. The fight is stopped when Griffin starts gushing blood from his nose. The doctor takes a look and stops the bout. The end comes at 3:02, round 2.

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