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Jeff Curran Talks Johnny Eduardo, Ground Game and TRT


Jeff Curran

Jeff Curran will fight Johnny Eduardo in Virginia on Tuesday as part of the UFC on Fuel event. The MMA pioneer spoke with Chicago’s MMA about an array of topics over the weekend.

On facing Eduardo:
“Even though Eduardo has been around for a long time like myself, I don’t know him and didn’t know much about him until I signed to fight him. But we watched some tape of him fighting, and we know how Nova Uniao guys fight. I’m very confident I’ll come out with a win on Tuesday.”

On his ground game:
“I think what people on the big stage have yet to see from me is my ground game when I have top position. That is where I am most dangerous and where I can really dominate fights. I think I have one of the better guards in the game, but most every fighter has excellent submission defense.

“I actually looked into TRT and had my doctor check my levels. My count is low due to my age and probably all the wars I’ve been in. But there’s so much that goes into using it that I would never take it. Because if you don’t do it right or have one failed test then you open yourself up to all the media scrutiny and it’s really not worth it.

“I don’t care if other guys take it, I personally don’t feel like (dealing with) all the stress and paperwork that would go into doing it so I avoid looking into it further. It all comes down to technique. I know that past steroid use is one of the reasons for low testosterone and it’s interesting that when the guys who were absolutely killing it in PRIDE came over here to fight in the states it was a totally different story. But for now TRT is legal and I don’t care that fighters do it. I just won’t.”

Watch Jeff Curran fight Johnny Eduardo tomorrow on Facebook. And if you’d like to train with Jeff and the rest of Team Curran, visit their new facility:

Team Curran MMA
110 W. Woodstock St. Unit E
Crystal Lake, IL 60014

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