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Gabe Salinas-Jones Loses at XFC 18


Scott Barrett smothered and slammed Gabe Salinas-Jones over three rounds en route to a curious split-decision victory.

Now fighting out of Patriot Fighting Systems and Comprido BJJ, Salinas-Jones could not muster much offense against Barrett, who continually moved forward and muscled his way inside to take command of the bout.

The surprising aspect of the fight was that Barrett was the one who scored points with his wrestling. Barrett repeatedly scooped up Salinas-Jones and slammed him to the ground.

After the second round, Salinas-Jones’ corner was emphatic about what needed to be done. As they gave direction, Salinas-Jones told them he was going to knock Barrett out. But his coach told him he did not need a knockout, and that instead he should continue to circle and make Barrett gas out, then take him to the ground and submit him.

The third round came and went without a finish, and the decision went to the judges. A surprising split-decision was announced, with Barrett taking it 30-27 on two cards, and Salinas-Jones getting a 29-28 score from the other judge.

It’s the second straight loss for Salinas-Jones. He dropped a decision to Devin Cole in Strikeforce last December.

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