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Jeff Curran Officially Drops to Flyweight


Jeff Curran throws a kick at UFC on Fuel TV 3

Jeff Curran is officially dropping to flyweight after being cut by the UFC following his loss to Johnny Eduardo at UFC on Fuel TV 3, he confirmed to Chicago’s MMA.

“I have officially been let go from UFC, but not without homework.  Should I make some impressive performances against decent level competition at 125 lbs, the UFC will look to bring me back to enter into the newly added Flyweight division,” Curran told Chicago’s MMA.

Curran’s first test at flyweight will be against Tachi Palace vet Dustin Ortiz on August 18th at the XFO’s annual “Outdoor War”. Ortiz last fought in Duke Roufus’ NAFC in May, dropping a split decision to Josh Robinson. Ortiz holds an 8-2 pro record, which includes going the distance against UFC fighter Ian McCall in 2011, as well as two fights in Strikeforce.

Curran is stoked about the chance to breathe new life into his career.

“I am excited about making my drop to 125.  It’s funny because I was the first 145er from the WEC to decide to drop to 135 and now others do it,” said Curran.  “It’s a competitive sport and every edge counts.  I feel that at 145, 155 and even 135,  I’ve always had this desire to be smaller and lighter like when I used to compete in BJJ tourneys and also the early parts of my career.  I was forced to stay bigger, not having to “carve” up my body, because I was always against much larger guys.  Then it just became about making weight as I dropped.  Now,  now calls for a lifestyle change.  It’s time to sum up all I have done, all I have been and put all my knowledge and experience to work for me to become the best athlete possible at 125.  This will bring the best Jeff Curran to date.  I guarantee that,” Curran stated.

Curran also had a message for all the people that think this might be a last-ditch effort to save his career.

“I have a family to support, a career, reputation, team and legacy to protect.  You better believe I am going to go out with a fight, regardless of the weight class.  Fighters fight — that’s what I am.  I have nothing to prove to anyone who sits back and judges from their couch or from the stands, or hides in the training room never taking fights.  Do what I have done and then you have a right to talk shit or judge.  Until then, enjoy the show!”

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