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Roll For a Cause: Shonie, Schafer, Grappling for Charity


Roll For a Cause

by Sue Groziak

Shonie CarterUFC veterans Eric “Red” Schafer and Shonie “Mr. International” Carter will grapple in a supermatch at the first-ever “Roll for a Cause” submission grappling/BJJ Open on Saturday at Guerin College Preparatory High School in River Grove.

Both of these veteran fighters are generously donating their time to this fundraiser that benefits both the Make-a-Wish Foundation and (in a separate concession stand) the acquisition of new wrestling mats for Guerin High School.

This event uniquely links grappling with charity, according to Jillian Kreiman, the founder of the event.

“I want to spread the love of the sport as well as show non-grapplers another side to it,” Kreiman said. “There are a lot of views about submission grappling and BJJ and not too many of them include generosity or even the community of it.”

“Roll for a Cause” runs from 10 am to 6 pm with the supermatch between Schafer and Carter scheduled for the afternoon. Both fighters will make themselves available for pictures and autographs.

“We have people competing, volunteering and even just donating for this cause,” Kreiman said. “We were lucky enough to have Eric Schafer and Shonie Carter show their generosity by donating their time and skills. I hope that this tournament is successful both to raise money for Make-A-Wish and to help Roll for a Cause to become its own entity where we can regularly host tournaments for the benefit of charitable foundations.”

Julian from B96 will also be on hand to host the show from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. The cost to attend the event is a $10, and competitor’s fees are $75. Visit rollforacause.com to register for the competition and for additional details.

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