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UFC 150: Henderson vs. Edgar Promo


UFC 150

The general consensus is that Frankie Edgar is owed a rematch with Benson Henderson. He went all five rounds with Henderson but lost via unanimous decision. He had two epic wars with Gray Maynard and beat BJ Penn — the greatest lightweight fighter in UFC history — not once, but twice.

There’s no doubt Edgar deserves the rematch. And it’s almost here. Henderson vs. Edgar II takes place August 11th at UFC 150, and here’s the promo for the bout.

The problem for Edgar is that he is fighting a monstrous lightweight in Henderson, and Edgar could easily move down to 145. I just don’t see a scenario where Edgar wins in a five-round war. I think he’ll need a knockout or a sub, and Henderson has never been knocked out and has been submitted just once, back in 2007.

Oddsmakers have set the line for Henderson at -165 and Edgar at +135. With some MMA fights you might be better off taking your cash and gambling it over at a casino, but I think Henderson is an excellent bet at just -165. The size differential is huge, and all of the wars Edgar has been in must be adding up. Edgar might get some takedowns, but will he be able to do anything with them? Probably not.

Anyone who has watched Edgar over the course of his career would never count him out, but I just see Henderson retaining the title. And I’m still incredibly stoked to see this one go down.

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